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    Vael the Night Queen

    Long ago when humanity was young there were great kingdoms which prospered on magic. During this time monsters were rare, magical beasts hostile to mankind all but unknown, and even dragons steered clear of humanity. It was a golden age of humanity, and magical knowledge spread and prospered (Knowledge History DC 30). Stories tell of one queen, known as Vael, who sought more power. Already one of the most feared mage-queens of her day, she warred with her neighbors and after many losing battles was on the verge of total defeat, her kingdom in ruins. Unwilling to relinquish her position she began a dire ritual which granted her great power with which to vanquish her enemies (Kno History DC 33). During this time the Lower Planes had no contact with the world, no outside influences reaching it save for the celestial hosts you worked to ensure things passed peacefully. Vael in her need for power opened her world to other planes, as she made a pact with the Abyss for power. Thus Vael became the first warlock, or so it is said (Kno History DC 36). The story continues telling of how Vael repulsed her enemies with her new dark power, and hordes of chaos spawned fiends, covering the sky in dark clouds which caused a perpetual night. Her armies threatened to sweep across the world, stomping down kingdom after kingdom. With each kingdom destroyed the queen grew more and more mad and more and more vile. The great mage-kingdoms formed a coalition against her, combining their magics to almost defeat her, but they were not powerful enough to halt the Night Queen's forces. (Kno History DC 39). Soon she was no longer recognizable as human, as much obyrith as woman. It was only when her royal consort turned from her side and fled to the archons and begged the aid of the Celestial Host that the tide of the war changed. Combining arcane and heavenly might they slowly beat back the forces of demons she had released onto the plane, and with the sacrifice of her consort's life the Night Queen was exiled from the plane, trapped in the sun itself (Kno History DC 42).


    The Night Queen seeks escape from her imprisonment to this day. Sealed within the sun she is incapable of acting directly but it is said that to this day mages on occasion seek to release her in hopes that she will share some of her ancient knowledge (Kno Arcana DC 33). It is less well known that due to her making the first demonic pact, warlocks to this day occasionally hear her whispers in their dreams, edging them to release the queen (Kno Arcana DC 36). Once released Vael seeks to rebuild her kingdom, resuming her conquest of the prime with the same force of obyriths, now augmented by the tanar'ri spawned since her imprisonment, that she once led. She will blacken the sun and conquer the world, leaving it a hell on the Prime. (Kno Arcana DC 39) Some hints whisper, though, that is not her final goal. She seeks to feed the Prime itself to the Abyss in hopes of becoming its consort and helping it consume the Great Wheel itself (Kno Arcana DC 42).


    Abyssal Convergence
    The boundaries of the planes became weak as the sun was blackened by clouds of eternal night.

    Faint: Days tend to be overcast, angry dark clouds in the sky. Warlocks find it easy to draw forth a little more power and may take 1 point of Constitution damage (this damage cannot be reduced or negated in any way) to add their Charisma modifier to damage with their Eldritch Blast.

    Moderate: Clouds constantly cover the sky making all days heavily overcast. Demons are easier to summon (an additional demon appearing whenever one is summoned or called) but have a 50% chance of appearing uncontrolled, and outside of any summoning circle they were intended for. Portals to the Abyss open rarely at scattered locations across the plane (1d20 portals a day, each lasting 1 hour). Warlocks gain the Dark One's Blessing Invocation, but each time they use it they must make a Will save (DC 10 + 2 per previous use) or become absolutely loyal to Vael.

    Strong: The cloud cover is now thick and dark enough to block out the light of the sun, reducing day to the equivalent of a starlit night, and leaving night completely lightless. Demons are never under their summoner's control when summoned or called and always appear outside of summoning circles. Portals to the Abyss open infrequently at many locations across the plane (5d20 portals a day, each lasting 6 hours). Warlocks gain the The Dead Walk Invocation (even if they do not have access to Lesser Invocations), but each time they use it they must make a Will save (DC 10 + 3 per previous use) or become absolutely loyal to Vael.

    Overwhelming: The cloud cover now blocks all sunlight absolutely. Portals to the Abyss open frequently at all locations across the plane (any given 10 mile by 10 mile square will have at least 1 portal open at all times). Demons flood into it. Warlocks gain the Utterdark Blast Invocation (even if they do not have access to Dark Invocations), but each time they use it they must make a Will save (DC 15 + 5 per previous use) or become absolutely loyal to Vael.

    Malefic Property

    Betrayal of Sorcery

    The dark powers of an ancient sorcerer-queen fill reality twisting magic away from those who would use it against her.

    Effect: Whenever a creature within the area of the Malefic Property casts an arcane spell or uses an invocation Vael becomes aware of it. She may choose, as a free action usable outside of her turn on her part, to either attempt to stifle it or steal it. If she stifles it the spell simply has a 50% chance of absolute failure. If she attempts to steal it the caster must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 Vael's hit dice + Vael's Charisma modifier) or Vael steals the spell, becoming the sole target of it (Vael cannot steal spells with an Area or Effect).


    Vael cannot stand sunlight. She is still sealed within the sun until her Strong Sign is present and even the heavily blocked light forces her underground during the day until her sign is overwhelming. She takes the appearance of a beautiful cat-eared tiefling with a forked, feline tail, but her true form is a horror to behold, the Abyss's twisted idea of a Queen. She has the Obyrith subtype, 17th level Wizard casting (she's been weakened by her long imprisonment) and 20th level warlock abilities, able to fire 3 eldritch blasts per round. Any creature which sees her true form must make a Will save or be overcome with the Madness of Humility, forced to prostrate themselves (lay prone) and avert their eyes from any royal being (such as Vael) when in the presence of one. If slain Vael reforms 10 minutes later, unless the location is currently under full sunlight; if it is she reforms as soon as the sunlight ends. Vael is highly resistant, if not immune, to non-holy weapons.
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