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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    This was happening eventually, at least this way I can take responsibility for it.

    Eternal Snow

    Eternal Snow is a being that wants to create a world of perfection and beauty.

    This being was originally the Chaotic Good deity of the fey, keeping them safe and bringing them their otherworldly beauty. But over time the Fey grew complacent and began to take their beauty for granted.

    This mortified Eternal Snow.

    Unable to accept that the fey had taken their gift for granted, Eternal Snow devised new and more complex ways to bring beauty to the fey. This resulted in their current trickster-like personalities.

    Eternal Snow used their extensive connection to arcane magic to shape the fey into more and more wild personalities. Eternal Snow was cast away by the fey and sealed in a plane that is known only to the oldest of fey scholars.

    Driven mad by the fey's rejection once again, Eternal Snow waits in the forgotten plane. There, the once proud deity sits devising new ways to bring beauty to the world, should the fey's wards ever fail.


    Eternal Snow seeks nothing more than to create a perfectly beautiful world of their own design.


    Perfect Harmony
    The world is flawed, that will be changed.


    All fey creatures begin to suffer terrible nightmares and must make a will save DC 5 upon waking or become shaken for the rest of the day.

    All creatures on the plane have their type changed to fey and are thus subjected to shaken affect upon a failed will save. The will save for becoming shaken's DC is increased to 12 and all creatures with the fey type enjoy a +2 to charisma.

    All fey typed creatures Wisdom is decreased by -2 and their charisma is now increased by +4. All creatures that fail a DC 10 fortitude save have their size reduced by 20%. In addition to this, all creatures with the fey subtype must make a will save DC 15. If the creature fails the will save, they roll a d6 and are subjected to the corresponding effect below.
    • 1: You begin to act coldly towards your allies, but when alone with those you care about you bubble over with your affectionate emotions.
    • 2: You develop deep feelings with the next person you see. Initially you behave sweet and affectionate, but after 48 hours you become enthralled with the subject and over protective to the point of lethal force.
    • 3: You become soft and sweet to everyone you meet, regardless of circumstances.
    • 4: You begin to see yourself as the most superior being in existence, encouraging others to see you the same.
    • 5: You begin to act irrationally and would prefer everything was handed to you on a silver platter. You see your party members as slaves to your cause.
    • 6: You fall in love with your mortal enemy, occasionally switching between your past mental state and your new one, never long enough to kill your foe.

    All creatures now enjoy a +8 charisma bonus, the save for resisting the effects of the chart above becomes 24 and must be rolled daily until failed. All creatures must also succeed a fortitude save of 15 or have their size reduced by 20% + 5%/Charisma modifier. (This applies to creatures who have already failed the previous Fortitude save as well.) Violence is no longer permitted and all weapons and armor are treated as cold iron to prevent creatures from taking up arms against Eternal Snow.

    Malefic Property

    In addition to the normal malefic properties common to all Elder Evils, Eternal Snow has Lethal Beauty.

    Lethal Beauty:
    Any creature that comes into Eternal Snow's established throne room is subjected to this ability. If a creature is in contact with Cold Iron and it's type is fey it is immediately subjected to a petrifaction effect. The fortitude save for this is 10+ 1/2 Eternal Snow's HD + The creature's own Charisma modifier.


    Upon the manifestation of Eternal Snow's strong sign, a white spirit begins to roam the land. It searches day and night for the most grand a beautiful of all throne rooms. Once it has found one it likes, the spirit bonds to the rooms door and disappears.

    Upon the manifestation of Eternal Snow's overwhelming sign, the door opens to the forgotten plane and Eternal Snow steps through, claiming the room to as their own.

    After Eternal Snow is in the plane, they begin to shape the world in images it sees fit, adding any petrified creatures that rebelled to it's menagerie of beautiful statues.
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