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The Fenris Brood

It is known that Loki the Trickster sired many children, the eight legged horse Sleipnir, the world devouring serpent Jormengand, The goddess of Niflheim Hel, and the most fearsome of beasts, the foul wolf Fenris (Kn. Religion DC 20). For a time, Odin attempted to raise the pup as a loyal hound, but Fenris proved too wily, too cunning and too evil to ever bow to any master. He grew so rapidly that the gods feared he would devour the sun itself. So the called upon the greatest of dwarven smiths to forge chains that would bind the beast. They tried three separate timed before finally tricking the giant wolf into his leash, costing the great god Tyr his hand in the process. This story is well known among the worshipers of the Norse Pantheon. What is not well known is the true level of Fenris' cunning and greed. The wily beast suspected foul play, and sought to usurp the place of the gods themselves, consuming all of creation if necessary (Kn. Religion DC 35). In preparation for any tricks of the gods, the wolf Fenris bore many offspring in secret (Kn. Religion or Nature DC 40) with many different primal spirits and natural born wolves. These children he spirited away and hid in the dark places of the world, where they sleep now until their hunger grows so great that it might consume the world.


Though the Brood of Fenris slumbers now, one day their hunger will overtake them and they will burst forth to consume all of creation (Kn. Nature DC 40). Their bodies are buried in many places across the world, and accidentally disturbing one could lead to all of them being released suddenly. Not all of them are purely physical beings, some can possess wolves or dogs, or those who bear the curse of Lycanthropy (Kn. Nature DC 35).


Slavering Fangs
Famine spreads across the world, wolves and dogs go rabid, lycanthropes lose control of their forms.

Faint: crop harvests begin to shrink the world over, growing seasons become shorter and rain occurs less often as the Fenris Brood leeches life energy from the world around them

Moderate: Wolves, Worgs, Dogs and other canines have a 25% chance of going insane each day, creatures that go insane are treated as if being under the effects of a Barbarian's Rage ability (treat the creatures effective barbarian level as being equal to their HD) save that this rage is not limited to a number of rounds per day and viewing any non-canine creature as an enemy.

Strong: Lycanthropes automatically revert to their animal form, and suffer the same 25% chance of insanity as described in the Moderate Sign. All lycanthropes automatically have their alignment shifted to Chaotic Evil.

Overwhelming: Crops cease to grow, plants wither and die, rivers dry up. All canine form creatures and lycanthropes become insane, suffering the effects of the Moderate Sign. Literal Swarms of wolves rove across the land, devouring anything in sight.

Malefic Property

Swarm of Teeth

The Brood of Fenris is treated as a Colossal+++ swarm composed of wolves of various sizes (between Small and Huge). These wolves may break off from the swarm to fight individually, but the Brood itself possesses all swarm traits and an improved swarm attack that deals 10d6 damage per round, which overcomes any form of damage reduction, even that possessed by gods. When the swarm is reduced to 1/2 hit points it becomes incorporeal, as the spirit wolves pull their brethren into the astral plane to lead the assault against the gods themselves. Only complete destruction of the swarm will stop


The Brood of Fenris is a mindless parade of starving beasts that seek to consume all of creation. Its tactics are incredibly direct, it merely moves from place to place killing and eating anything before it. Frequently, bodies of the swarm will break off to chase down fleeing prey, but they never truly leave the swarm and always return to it. In combat, the swarm always seeks out the largest mass of flesh and focuses on that until it is destroyed, then moves on to the next largest and so on.