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    Aliases: Sgian (pronounced 'Skeen'. Probably.)
    Race: Kobold
    Age: 17
    Class: Cleric/Fighter
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Power Rating: C-

    Description: Physically speaking, Sgian couldn't be closer to the stereotypical female kobold; weighing only one stone more than the average for one of her size and age. What sets her apart from her kin is her bright yellow eyes, which seemingly dance with optimism, faith and something resembling mischief. She has two black tendrils stemming from the top of her head, made by her and her half-sister to resemble hair.

    Personality: Sgian has two very distinct personalities that show up at separate times. When she's around her family or people in general, she's brash and rowdy, letting her natural wit and thieving tendencies run free. She steals whatever she can get her tiny hands on, and is usually successful at doing so. However, she has an honest heart; apologizing profusely and returning whatever was stolen if she's caught. Sgian often climbs on things - shelves, chandeliers, people - if she needs to get a better look at something or if she simply feels like it.
    The other personality shows its face when she's concentrating or memorizing something, healing someone who is in grave danger, or when she's around kobolds. Sgian becomes introveted, quiet and emotional in these situations, especially the latter when faced with many others of her race. Staying in this state for a prolonged period of time can prove dangerous as she feels no need to eat or drink for the duration. Sgian and her sister jokingly call this as 'falling down the rabbit hole'.

    Equipment: Chainmail armor covers her torso and legs. A thin shell of plate is worn on her feet and hands, and studded leather pads sheath her knees and elbows in such a way to allow movement. Her shoulders and chest are draped in a black poncho with golden embroidery on the edges, cutting off at her stomach.
    The soles of her feet and palms are exposed, save for tattered and slightly bloody linen bandages. A suprisingly light wooden shield that seems slightly too big for her is carried on her back. An emblem of the so-called 'demon horns' commonly associated with James Dio, human bard of legend, is engraved in the center of the shield. An unremarkable and painful-looking steel hammer rests on a leather hip holster, which she uses as a two-handed weapon.

    Abilities: Sgian is a naturally talented healer, almost at savant level; her willpower and faith rivaled only by her agility and stealthiness. In terms of stats, she has 8 con, 8 str, 16 cha, and everything else is a 14.

    Backstory: Kobold eggs are sized and colored identically to the egg of a pikka bird, a common sight around most everywhere with trees. One morning, a halfling family was gathering eggs for an omelet, when the youngest daughter of three years, Vorglynn Mekenda, wandered near a small cave. This cave, as fate would have it, was inhabited by kobolds. The kobold that had been tasked with carrying eggs from cave to cave had dropped one by accident, leaving it sitting near the cave's mouth unattended. The egg was picked up by Vorglynn, thinking it was a pikka egg, and returned to the house. The five gathered eggs were left in a basket overnight to refrigerate, and by morning would be ready to cook. When the daylight shone through the windows, there would be only four intact eggs, and one tiny sleeping kobold. The family was stupefied, and could think of only one solution: raise the kobold as their own. They named her Sgiandhu, the reasoning behind this is long and pointless and won't be explored further. Vorglynn was ecstatic! She finally had someone to play with besides her older brother, who was six years older than her and smelled funny. Sgian and Vorglynn grew inseparable over a very short amount of time, even attending clerical school together. Vorglynn had no ability and struggled immensely until her dropping out in favor of the Warrior Academy, but Sgian excelled. At the tender age of 16, she was handpicked by a group of adventurers in need of a healer. Nervous but excited, she agreed, and said her goodbyes to her sister and family. Every year or so, Sgian would return to her village and sister, the two telling (mostly) true tales of her many adventures and outings, brutal defeats and inspiring victories.

    Miscellaneous: Sgian curls up into a ball when she's asleep as all kobolds do. She hates most 'bitter' food and beverages, but enjoys almost every fruit.
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