Deep within the earth gems and crystals form. These gems bring great wealth to the dwarven halls, their beauty and rarity making them many times more valuable than gold. Yet, dwarves talk with fear at times of spirits within the deepest mines, spirits of greed and avarice which live in the gems and plot against the miners. (Kno Dungeoneering DC 18). These gem spirits are real, fell sentiences which awaken within the stone. They use their mental powers to compel those who lay claim to their gems and lead them towards over indulgence, avarice, and greed. The dwarves controlled by these gemstones stray further and further from the dwarven ideals of behavior. The deep dwarves and duergar have long traditions put into place to find and destroy these gems fearing their influence on the minds of their kind. (Kno Dungeoneering DC 21). Whispers tell, though, that these gem spirits have other goals. They lead those influenced by them to seek for something, something deep within the ground, deep and secret. These dwarves lead expeditions for more, digging deeper, digging more greedily. Those held under the sway of these stones longest go completely mad becoming shells of their former selves, unable to talk, unable to think properly, fleeing into the Underdark (Kno Dungeoneering DC 26). These gems do not merely affect dwarves, though it is rare for another surface race to dig so deeply. The deeper one digs, however, the more of these gems you will find. In some deep caves these gems have even formed hulking, brutish monsters similar to elementals or constructs, ranging in size from about the size of ogres to the size of true giants. Those compelled by the gems often dig these Avarice Hulks free (Kno Dungeoneering DC 31). They seek something else, however, as the gems are drawn to concentrations of their own kind. While the Avarice Hulks attract them, their true quest is for something else. According to the illithid savant Hors'velgothos all of these gems have a single progenitor, an ancient evil which they seek to be reunited with and to free (Kno Dungeoneering DC 35). This progenitor, called Tadkins by the illithid sages, rests deep within the earth, sealed there by the gods during the forging of the world before they sealed their own powers as a truce to allow the world to exist. Tadkins is an ancient entity of greed and avarice whose desire would have threatened to consume the world and who would have ended the game of reality too soon if allowed to run free. (Kno Dungeoneering DC 38). In truth Tadkins was once a Solar, a being who could have become a god, but chose to serve instead. However even the solars were not without corruption. An unknown baernaloth (some claim it was Daru Ib Shamiq who is known to have corrupted a solar, some claim it was Red Fel, though other names are claimed as well) met with Tadkins whispering of the potential for power and glory. Neither of these tempted the angel, though. That was when the baernaloth took another tack, and whispered to Tadkins of the beauty of Creation, the wonders that the gods and angels had forged, the gems, the flowers. Tadkins was tempted, and covetous took root in his heart. Tadkins tried to claim creation for himself, taking all that he could find of beauty and hording it. The gods acted swiftly. Tadkins was a Solar, a being integral to reality. They could have destroyed him, but to do so would have forever marred the half-formed Creation. Instead they sealed him in the Prime, trapped forever in the earth, his form that of a gem he had coveted so. (Kno Dungeoneering DC 44).


The progenitor is a creature of avarice, greed, and covetous. It would lay claim to all that it can, like a dragon and its claim to a hoard. (Kno Dungeoneering DC 35) Tadkins' desire would not see him destroy the Prime, but rule it as an eternal king. He would rule over all things of beauty, destroying all that which does not meet his aesthetic requirements, and keeping all that does as his own toys and baubles. (Kno Dungeoneering DC 38) Tadkins would see himself usurp the gods who sealed him away, becoming eternal god-emperor of the world. He would bind men to him through their greed. (Kno Dungeoneering DC 44) Tadkins' greed will infect the world however, and whether he wishes it or not his presence will render it all but uninhabitable to life. Even should he succeed he will freeze the world into eternal stasis, nothing new to be created for fear that it would reduce the beauty that there is. And Beauty is the epitome of Good. (Kno Dungeoneering DC 47).


World of Wealth

It started with old mines filling with new gems, with gold and natural treasure forming across the world. Wealth flowed into coffers, though it was not long before they were worth less and less. But we could live with that, it was when the plants of the field began to grow gems as fruit, when the rivers ran with sapphires that terror set in.

Faint: Gemstones and precious metals begin to form throughout the world. They become significantly more common, reducing the value of individual gems and coins to 2/3rds their normal value due to inflation; this also reduces the cost of alchemical silver.

Moderate: Gemstones and precious metals are much more common throughout the world; coins and gems become worth only 1/3rd their normal value (this also applies to the cost of alchemical silver).

Strong: Gemstones are valueless as currency, precious metals are worth 1/50th their normal value. Dead organisms turn into gemstones within 1d3 days unless gentle repose or similar magic is used to prevent this change, making raise dead and resurrection difficult. Corporeal undead begin to transform into gemstones as well, their speed being halved, losing any non-supernatural flight they may possess, suffering a -4 penalty to Dexterity, and gaining +6 natural armor and DR 1/2 their hit dice overcome by adamantine.

Overwhelming: Non-flowering plants begin to turn to gemstone. Flowering plants turn to gemstone in full flower. Rivers and streams turn to gemstone in their flow. The ground itself turns to gold and silver. This is thankfully not an absolute effect. The gemstone effect happens more quickly, taking a mere 1d4 rounds after death and can even happen to dying creatures. Any dying creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) each round or be killed and turned to gemstone instantaneously. Fresh water and food becomes more valuable than gold.

Malefic Property

Impervious to the Divine
Due to his nature as a fallen solar Tadkins has this malefic property found on page 15 of Elder Evils, Avarice Spawn, Avarice Hulks, and Avarice Gems within the area of this malefic property also benefit from it.


Tadkins takes the form of a giant dragon made of gemstones. When the first miners grow close to his prison his sign begins to manifest, the miners being compelled to continue by the stones that already have taken root of their mind. Avarice Hulks flock to this dig to protect it from interference, but others set forth across the world to enslave more and more miners now that the final seal is approaching release. They will mainly take these slaves from Underdark communities. At this time those creatures which fell too deeply under an Avarice Gem's effect will congregate to act as guards as well, while others emerge from the Underdark mindlessly attacking everything in their path (this is not an intentional effect, simply madness on their part). These creatures have the Avarice Spawn template. When Tadkins is first freed from his imprisonment (sign becomes Strong) he does not immediately begin to act, instead consolidating his own personal power and learning the limits of his new form, as well as waging war on the Underdark. During this time he is weaker than when he is ready to emerge to the surface (overwhelming sign) and declare himself god. Tadkins is similar mechanically to a luster dragon, except he has the Outsider type instead of Dragon type, a suite of mind-affecting abilities, immunity to mind-affecting effects, Elder Evil traits (including Malefic Property), and possibly a few other unique features.

I pretty much based that purely on the thing in his sig. And the Volsunga Saga/Lord of the Rings.