For Psybomb

Psybomb the Mindblighter

The Far Realm is a place known to be full of wild, untamed madness. It is a place utterly inimical to life in our universe, and it tears apart souls as easily as one might tear apart a sheet of parchment. Deep within the Far Realm there lies a... consciousness, this consciousness is perfectly and fully aware of every other mind in the universe. It perceives their loneliness, their separation from each other, and it feels the echoes of their pain across the multiverse. And it only wishes to help.


The mindblighter seeks to dominate all individual thought and bring all sentient beings under its control. It spreads through minds like a virus, infecting entire planes and eventually drawing the psychic energy of life out of their fragile bodies to join in its ever growing collective.

The Gestalting
People grow more understanding of each other, they form stronger bonds and eventually gain the ability to communicate thoughts with each other, until finally all minds fuze into one being.

Faint: Diplomacy, Linguistics and Sense Motive checks gain a +5 bonus. Creatures can be more easily influenced by communication, each time a diplomacy check is attempted to improve a creatures attitude, there is a 20% chance that the attitude improves by one additional step.
Moderate: All sentient creatures gain tongues as a constant spell like ability. Barriers to communication fall away, and all creatures begin one step friendlier on the diplomacy chart
Strong: All creatures gain telepathy with all other creatures on the plane, forming a collective with each other as the Tactician class ability (except there is no upper limit to the number of creatures that may join the collective). Creatures may resist this effect with a DC 20 Will Save every 24 hours. Any creature that fails this save is confused for 1 hour as the mass of voices of every living creature invades their head all at once, after this they are staggered for 1 day as they adjust to the collective. A creature that joins the collective may attempt a new save every 24 hours to try and leave the collective.
Overwhelming: All creatures in the collective share a complete fusing of the and body, finally forming the Gestalt Entity Psybomb. The save DC to resist joining the collective increases to 30. Creatures that fail this save must succeed on a DC 30 Fortitude save or take 1d6 points of Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma Damage each hour they remain part of the collective. Creatures that are reduced to 0 Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma die and their minds fuse with Psybomb the Mindblighter.

Malefic Property:
In addition to the normal malefic property common to all Elder Evils, Psybomb has the Many Minds, One Body Malefic Property.

Many Minds, One Body: Psybomb may call upon the powers of all of its collective minds to perform nearly any ability. It knows all spells, powers, maneuvers and veils, and may use each of these spells, powers, maneuvers or veils once per day as a spell-like ability. Veils shaped by Psybomb are automatically bound to whichever slot the Elder Evil wishes, and are considered to have their maximum amount of essence allowed by Psybomb's HD.

Psybomb the Mindblighter makes liberal use of its many spell and psi like abilities, although it prefers to disable and debilitate rather than kill. Psybomb's goal is not destruction, but subjugation and assimilation, and it believes the loss of life is a waste, so Psybomb will often use its spell like abilities to resurrect dead foes in order to try and bring them into its collective. Psybomb is always willing to try and negotiate or play for time, knowing that eventually it will wear down any opposition.