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    Quote Originally Posted by Elricaltovilla View Post
    No longer shall you wait.

    The Bladed Lord

    The Bladed Lord only wants one thing. War.

    Long ago, before the pact primeval, Garagos the lord of war was on the battlefront against the demons. Garagos fought night and day, but the demon's numbers had not thinned.

    So Garagos hatched a brilliant plan and under the supervision of Tempus, he created a duplicate of himself. This was the Bladed Lord.

    With their combined might, the young god and his double were able to make a significant dent in the demon army. Together, they prospered for many years as brothers in arms.

    However, once the battle was over, they were forced to sit idly and Garagos was made the god of war. This made the Bladed Lord angry, who was he if not his "brother's" equal?

    This is when the newly appointed lord of Nessus came to him. Offering him power and infinite battles. The Bladed Lord could not resist, he left the plane that he had so long protected and ventured to Baator, where he was always free to do battle with the Abyss.

    As years went by, he slowly became tainted and mad. He lived for war and could not be sated without it. In a fit of rage, he challenged Garagos for his seat as the god of war and was defeated, if only by a hair.

    The gods banished him to the far reaches of the plane for his treachery. Even more deeply maddened, the Bladed Lord now seeks the creation of war wherever he is present.


    The Bladed Lord seeks to create a never ending war.


    Battle Lines
    Peace is an unreasonable idea.


    All will have war! All creatures enjoy a +1 enhancement bonus to both their attack and damage rolls. All creatures suffer a -2 to their caster level when calculating damage.

    Let the anger fill your mind! Upon suffering any damage, a creature must make a will save of 10 + the damage they received or enter a rage as a barbarian of their current level would. The enhancement bonus to attack and damage is increased to +2 and the caster penalty is increased to -4.

    It will rain blood! All creatures are now compelled to do battle, the leaders of the world must all make a daily save of DC 10 + their charisma modifier + their highest commanding officer's base attack bonus. If they fail, they must issue the command to go to war with the nearest country. The enhancement bonus to attack and damage is increased to +3 and the caster penalty is increased to -6.

    War is at hand! Upon taking damage, a creature must now also make a save of 10 + their strength modifier + the damage they took or enter a deathless frenzy equivalent to a 10th level Frenzied Berserker. The enhancement bonus to attack and damage is increased to +4 and the caster penalty is increased to -8.

    Malefic Property

    In addition to the normal malefic properties common to all Elder Evils, The Bladed Lord also has the Warlord's Command.

    Warlord's Command:
    Any creature that hears the Bladed Lord speak, must make a will save with a DC of 10 + the Bladed Lord's charisma modifier + 1/2 the Bladed Lord's HD or become obsessed with a goal of world domination at any cost.


    The Bladed Lord will not manifest until his strong sign has appeared, at which point the sky will become a dark red and the monsters of the world will become twisted versions of themselves.

    Upon the manifestation of the Bladed Lord's overwhelming sign, all monsters begin to seek out the nearest kingdom or largest military establishment and serve as infantry or war mounts for the coming war.

    The Bladed Lord is content to watch the world rip itself apart. The armies filled with creatures in a deathless frenzy are more than enough to sate his gullet for war. That is, until they've all died. Then he will begin to seek a new planet to destroy with war. As if his thirst for blood had not been quenched at all.
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