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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaydos View Post

    Zadydos, the Ameliorater

    As any dragon knows, the true and perfect form of life is the dragon. This is obvious. Most dragons were content to lord their superiority over others, basking in the worship and fear of lesser races. But Zadydos (Kn. Arcana DC 25), an ancient gold dragon and one of the eldest of his kind, felt great sorrow at the plight of lesser creatures. They could never benefit from the protections of a dragon's mighty scales, the strength of their great claws or the pure, elemental power of their breath. These mortal races, poor beings that they were, could never protect themselves from the vile and dangerous world around them. At first, Zadydos spent many years breeding mortal champions, half dragon children who could protect the lesser races from the dangerous world around them. But it wasn't enough, his children were killed by other, true dragons, and the mortals they protected enslaved once more. To make matters worse, he was banished from contact with his kin for the sin of laying with mortalkind (Kn. Arcana DC 30).

    In his lonliness, Zadydos dove further into more and more insane experiments, seeking to improve mortal form that they might better defend themselves. He kidnapped mortal children and infused them with his blood and scales, releasing them back to their homes if they survived. He bred mortals in vast stockades, hoping to improve their form through careful selective breeding. He experimented with golems, magical transformation, thaumaturgy, summoning, and intense training regimens, but all to no avail (Kn. Arcana DC 35). Eventually, long before he even realized how far he'd fallen, a hero rose up to challenge him. One of the many poor mortals subjected to his vile experiments, this mortal fought the mighty Zadydos for days before finally slaying him (Kn. History DC 35). Though many thought this would be the end of the mad gold wyrm, to Zadydos, it was proof that he was correct. Only through his interventions could life survive. His spirit left his body, but not the world. He bided his time, ready to return and complete his work.


    All things are imperfect. This is unacceptable. You will be upgraded into better, stronger forms.

    The Scaling of the World
    Earth becomes hard and unyielding, like dragonscales. Mortals become infused with power and monstrous forms. Dragons lose their minds and rampage across the world.

    Faint: The earth becomes harder and harder to till, crops begin to fail as they can no longer take root. Slowly, the rocks begin to take on the properties of dragon's scales.
    Moderate: Non-draconic creatures gain a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution, as well as low-light vision. Their forms begin to visually change, growing colored scales and sharper fangs. Dragons take notice and begin to panic.
    Strong: Non-Draconic creatures must succeed on a Will Save (DC 29) or spontaneously gain the Half-Dragon template (even if they would not normally qualify), the sudden shift in form causes the creature to take 2d6 points of CON Drain. Dragons and creatures that were already half-dragons become highly aggressive, dragon attacks are exceptionally frequent as they try to cull the spread of Zadydos's transformations. Zadydos himself manifests.
    Overwhelming: All non-draconic creatures gain the Half-Dragon Template (even if they would not normally qualify). Dragons declare an all out war on mortal kind.

    Malefic Property:
    In addition to the normal malefic property common to all Elder Evils, Zadydos has Infinite Improvement Device.

    Infinite Improvement Device: As a standard action, Zadydos can paralyze one creature with the half dragon template within 500 ft for one minute. This creature can succeed on a Will Save (DC 38) to negate this effect, a successful save renders the creature immune to the effect for 24 hours. Any creature paralyzed by Zadydos's Infinite Improvement Device then has one random template applied to them (even if they would not normally qualify for this template), and takes 1d4 points of Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma drain. If a creature's intelligence, wisdom or charisma are reduced to 0 by this effect, it becomes fully under the mental control of Zadydos, who can actively control such creatures out to a distance of 10 miles.

    Though Zadydos possesses all the traits of an elder evil, he manifests as a Ghostly Giant Advanced (x2) Great Wyrm Gold Dragon with maximum hit points for his HD. Defeating this form causes Zadydos to flee, as he is satisfied that his improvements have made the creatures of the world strong enough to survive, for now.