Half-AM Dragon

How a half-AM is made few know and few want to, some AM Dragons use these half-breeds as their agents and guards sending them forth to capture and bring him back mortals to serve as their playthings. Only how a half-AM dragon differs from a standard half-dragon is listed before. Half-AM dragons' bodies become a metallic black, their internal working as much machine as organic creature.

Type: Instead of a creature's type becoming Dragon it becomes Construct with the Living Construct and Dragonblood Subtypes.

Hit Dice: A half-AM dragon's Racial Hit Die type does not increase.

Breath Weapon: A half-AM dragon's breath weapon is a line of electricity.

Energy Immunity: A half-AM dragon gains immunity to electricity.

New Feats:

Draconic Heritage (AM) [Draconic]:
You are descended from an umbra dragon.
Prerequisites: Sorcerer level 1st.
Benefit: See Draconic Heritage (Dragon Magic, Races of Dragon, or Complete Arcane).
The bonus class skill is Disable Device.

Sensory Infiltration [Draconic]:
You have some of your forebear's ability to infest structures and extend your sensory through them.
Prerequisite: Half-AM Dragon or Draconic Heritage (AM)
Benefit: As a full round action you can extend sensory feelers throughout an object, wall, or floor that you touch. These feelers extend 5-ft, and you can extend them an additional 5-ft per point of Constitution bonus you possess although it takes an additional full-round action per 10 additional feet you extend them. As part of this action you can form a single viewing sensor from any surface on the infested object within the range of your feelers, seeing and hearing from it as if it were your own eyes and ears. A DC 15 + your hit dice Spot check is required to see the sensor and it has AC 13 (-5 Dex, +8 size), and 1 hit point. You may form a number of sensors at a single time equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1) but any destroyed sensor counts against this limit for 24 hours, and you may only create 1 sensor per full round action spend extending your feelers (although you may do so as a full round action in which you extend them 0-ft). If you ever cease touching the infiltrated surface or move beyond the range of your infiltration all feelers immediately and automatically retract.