Wambom, the Cleanser of Dragons

Tiamat, known by many as the Mother of All Evil Dragons, is as prolific as her title suggests. Her spawn include many of the most powerful species in the multiverse, creatures that have spread across the planes and whose ability to spread through lesser races' bloodlines reflect their mother's genitive properties. Even gods claim ancestry from the Mother of All Evil Dragons, Kurtulmak being the most famous of these. There is treachery in Kurtulmak's position as foremost child of Tiamat, however, and whispers tell that Kurtulmak has killed many of his would be deific siblings while they were still in the egg. His methods have changed over the millennia but his purpose is clear, he feels threatened by such potent siblings. (Kno Religion DC 26) His attempts are not always successful, however. Wambom is one such failure on his part. Tiamat had coupled with a god, some say Garyx, some say a dragon god whose name is now lost, some make other claims, and Kurtulmak fearing the progeny had seen to it that poison was laced into the dragon queen's food, an attempt to kill the yet to be born god. Wambom survived the attempt, but was born sickly and deformed, cast away from his mother for his wretched weakness. (Kno Religion DC 29) Cast into Dis, Wambom managed somehow to survive, growing to adulthood in the city of iron, before venturing from the Outer Planes to the Prime on a journey of discovery. It was here he met other dragons, and he met kobolds, and here too that he discovered his rage. Wambom learned of Kurtulmak's treachery and how he was denied his birthright, how the kobold god had robbed him of it. Wambom went berserk, killing and slaughtering the kobolds his brother so loved, slaying them by the hundreds. Kurtulmak took action, designing a trap for his sibling. In his rage, Wambom fell into the trap and found himself sealed in a demiplane, trapped until some creature could release him (Kno religion DC 34).


Wambom sought first and foremost revenge against his brother and his chosen race, and to claim his denied divinity. (Kno Religion DC 29) However his goals shifted during his war on the world. He saw the dragonbloods blessed with his mother's favor and he was enraged. They had claimed his birthright, they had taken it from him! Wambom's goals shifted to killing all these impure creatures, all those false beings who carried the blood of dragons in their being. (Kno Religion DC 32) Even that will not satiate Wambom's rage. Even among dragons there are those who are false. The spawn of Bahamut, and those who claim no lineage from his mother. These too must die. Then Wambom and his mother's children will take their place as the true and absolute rulers of the world. (Kno Religion DC 35)


Hatred in the Blood

Wambom's awakening causes his hatred to flow through the blood of those who are false, growing within it. His long imprisonment in an Astral Demiplane has caused his spirit to resonate with the bodies of dead gods and gain a certain divine totality stretching across his would be world.

Faint: Kobolds and creatures of the dragonblood subtype are affected by Wambom's sign and suffer a -2 penalty to ability and skill checks.

Moderate: All damage dealt to affected creatures is considered to be vile damage.

Strong: Non-true dragons are now affected by Wambom's sign. Ability damage dealt to creatures affected by it now cannot be healed except as if it were ability drain.

Overwhelming: True dragons, except Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White dragons, are now affected by Wambom's sign. In addition kobold's and dragonblood creatures must make a Fortitude save (DC 25) each day or die. This is a death effect.

Malefic Property:

Lord of Dragons

Wambom's presence weakens those who he considers false, even as it causes his mother's blood to burn in her true descendants, fueling their power.

Effect: Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White dragons in the area of this malefic property (including Wambom) have their breath weapons recharge 1 round more quickly than usual. Kobolds, dragonbloods, and dragons other than the above take damage equal to Wambom's hit dice each round they are within this effect.


Wambom is sealed on an astral demiplane, his followers working to release him from without. This release requires the sacrifice of draconic blood, the more sacrificed the closer to freedom Wambom becomes. He is released into the world when his sign reaches Strong, setting forth to kill other dragons and dragonbloods himself to gain still greater power. His main servant before his release is Samhuradsalim, a gold dragon which has turned from its nature, and believes Wambom shall reward him with a position of power in the new world order. This is false. Wambom's first act when freed will be to kill Samhuradsalim and bathe in his blood, revealing to his full dragon followers his true end game, and slaughtering all half-dragons and non-true dragons among his followers. In addition to his Elder Evil traits Wambom is a quasi-deity (Divine Rank 0) and he takes the form of a white dragon. If killed he simply reforms at a random location on the plane as a black dragon. This repeats with him becoming a Green, Blue, then at last Red dragon. In this final form Wambom can be truly slain.