Leliel, the Second Moon

Long ago great beings spread out throughout the galaxy. Titans on par with the gods themselves, each one born from a world, and as powerful as an entire population. Each of these titanic beings, known as tenshi, is almost wholly unique save for their power. These titanic beings occasionally come in contact with worlds with lesser life, dragons, humanoids, fey, and other such common races. When they do so they are mistaken for gods, for their power is like only that of those Outer Planar powers. (Kno Religion DC 29) Long ago such an entity came to this world. Taking the form of a second moon high in the sky, black and white mixing together, it sent down its 17 heralds or avatars and they moved through humanity as teachers and gods. They awoke magic within those who dwelt on the world, teaching them the arcane arts, making the first pacts with mortals. Even now some arcanists worship this entity, Leliel, as a god. (Kno Religion DC 32) These devotees claim that Leliel shall some day return to lead humanity into the stars along side it, granting us wisdom and world wide unity and fellowship. They say that Leliel's return will be heralded by the approach of his heralds, each a massively powerful being in their own right. These heralds will come to the world to prepare the way for their master, each arriving in turn, the same order that they first came. (Kno Religion DC 35) Some, though, tell another story. That Leliel did not come to teach or guide the mortals of the world. They say that this entity was no miraculous, benevolent being. That instead it was on the world to plant its seed, growing its child in the world's life force itself. These stories continue to say that Leliel will in fact return, his heralds arriving to protect its vulnerable fledgling as it emerges from the world. (Kno Religion DC 38) What only a few texts tell, written by ancient dragons which fly between worlds, is the true effects upon a world of such a child's birth. When born the child will rise forth from the earth and begin to suck it dry of what energy remains within it. The child will draw into itself the spiritual force of the planet, killing every creature upon it. The heralds acting to protect the child from assailants during this time. (Kno Religion DC 44).


Leliel comes to teach the humanoid races and lead them into a golden age of enlightened sorcery which will see them safe from the monsters of the world. (Kno Religion DC 33) Or perhaps it comes simply to watch the birth of its child, the tenshi that will be born from this world, and to ensure it emerges to life peacefully. (Kno Religion DC 38)


The Erratic Star

Night by night the erratic star grew larger almost as if it moved closer to us. Eventually it grew large, far larger than a star, a second smaller moon of black and white. And still it approached, growing larger and larger, dominating the sky. As the erratic star grew so too did the power of arcane magic, mage's going madder and madder with it.

Faint: Arcane spells and invocations are cast at +1 CL.

Moderate: Arcane spells and invocations are cast at +2 CL. Whenever a creature casts an arcane spell or invocation it must roll 1d10 on a 1 they take a -4 penalty to Wisdom for 10 minutes, this penalty is cumulative but may not reduce a score below 1.

Strong: Arcane spells are extended and invocations are silenced and stilled. Whenever a creature casts an arcane spell or invocation it must roll 1d10 as with the moderate sign, but on a 2-9 they take a -2 penalty to Wisdom for 10 minutes and a -4 on a 1 still, this penalty is cumulative but may not reduce a score below 1.

Overwhelming: Arcane spells and invocations are cast at +3 CL. Whenever a creature casts an arcane spell or invocation if their Wisdom is 10 or less they must make a Will save or be confused for 1 round as dreaded arcane secrets flow into their mind.

Malefic Property

Lord of Arcanum

Leliel and its heralds are immune to arcane magic.
Benefit: The malefic property protects the creature with it from all arcane spells and effects unless it willingly allows them to affect it (as if SR Infinite).


Leliel does not directly interact with the world. The most it personally does, unless the PCs fly out into space to face it, is grant divine spells to its worshipers (Knowledge, Magic, Gluttony, and Evil domains). It instead acts through its 17 heralds, or more accurately 16. Its first herald is already upon the world, the seed which grows into the new tenshi. The other 16 will arrive onto the world 4 a sign, in ascending order of power with the exception of the 1st herald which arrives. This herald takes the form of a charismatic human arcanist and will work in the populations of the world to prepare the way. The other fifteen heralds are each monstrous creatures of colossal or greater size and varied powers (each has elder evil traits and Leliel's malefic properties). When the situation is ripe the young tenshi will rise up onto the surface of the earth. It is stationary, but a powerful colossal+ creature, which immediately begins draining the world of its spiritual energy. The heralds will move to protect this vulnerable child and during this process it can be slain. Once it is done the souls of all creatures within the lunar orbit are absorbed with it, and sapient life can never again be created on the planet. If the child tenshi is slain, Leliel will leave.