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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiriah View Post
    I'm really liking the class. Tried to port the binder over to 5e myself, but didn't get anything nearly as complete as this.
    I was thinking about making a 5e binder myself before I stumbled on the thread frankly, even after the 5e binder is complete I would find a way to deviate from it - homebrew vestiges, fiddling with binder lore/theory... A DM of mine even had an idea of having vestiges bear half an alignment, which could change how pacts with them are formed, and what their legends may tell in a given campaign, among others things.

    But I think it's a little too much work for me and Anaximander19 at this stage.
    Just looking forward to seeing the vestiges. Otiax, Focalor, and Orthos are personal favorites, if you're looking for recommendations.
    I share your fondness of Focalor, Spiriah! The others may be a little less of a priority, since I've been asked to focus on early-level vestiges first.
    I've currently only drafts for vestiges closest to me (or that I'm most eager to reinvent): Leraje, Malphas, Paimon, Andromalius, and possibly Tenebrous and Dantalion coming up next (I'm a little scattered with my notes so it takes some time), I do have one vestige, ready enough, though, so we can see how this template might function:
    Spoiler: Sample Vestige
    The Grinning Hound
    1st Level Vestige
    Seal: A carefully drawn hand or paw-shaped symbol, facing your left with claws leaning in your direction, and various circles drawn across the seal - notably three on the right side that appear to resemble the claw's joints. sages believe the circles actually hint towards the many secrets he hides, and the power they place within his grasp.
    Sign: your voice deepens and sounds hoarse, and you tone often seems to more harsh and intimidating than normal.

    For as long as you remain bound to Naberius, you gain the following proficiencies:
    Skills: choose one from the following: Intimidation, Deception, or investigation.
    Tools:You gain proficiency with one type of artisan's tools of your choice.

    Silver Tongue
    you gain the friends cantrip, and can cast it at will.

    Disguise Self
    You can cast Disguise Self once without expending a spell slot. Once you have done so successfully, you must finish a short or long rest before you can cast it again.

    Persuasive Words
    You can cast command without spending a spell slot. You cast it just as a cleric of your binder level who expends her highest-level spell slot would. If you cast command this way, you can not do so again until you have completed a long rest.

    Very little is known about Naberius, as folklore leads to various potential origins. He does not answer questions regarding his legend, instead giving only a sly smile when being questioned. That being said, Naberius does not like to be interrupted, and such lack of respect imposes disadvantage on Charisma checks when binding him. With that in mind, Naberius enjoys hearing secrets, mischief and gossip, and telling him one of your upkept secrets can often please him, assuming you have not told this information to him before.
    If you make a poor pact with Naberius, he influences your personality in one or both of the following ways
    1. Personality Trait: I relish the sound of my voice, and how sophisticated I sound. I can enjoy it for hours.
    2. Personality Trait: If you give me the opportunity to speak, I will not share it with others until I'm done. Never try to take it away from me.

    mind you, this is mostly for visualization, though I wouldn't mind feedback... I could not help but experiment with a few details not quite in the vestige template. But if the OP would ask me to remove them, or if they wind up being counterproductive, I'll stick with the original pattern.
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