Cotvasro, the Cheery God

Cotvasro is a minor god of happiness and festivity, a deity to whose followers every day is a celebration and feast day. Worshiped primarily by Bacchanalian priests and Intoxicanters, and hated by Abstainers, Cotvasro encourages his worshipers to enjoy life whatever it throws at them, indulging in the best of the things it provides. (Kno Religion DC 15) Cotvasro presents themselves as a kindly, cheerful god, who wishes simply to see war and strife put aside and for the world to be filled with joy and the sounds of celebration. Those who look closely at his dogmas and doctrines, however, note that they seem designed to lead instead to hedonism and debauchery, and over-indulgence. (Kno Religion DC 22) The mad dwarven intoxicanter Axtul Thorazdred however penned of Cotvasro when in the throes of wine pressed from the veritas grape, writing grave secrets in his prophetic binge. Here Axtul wrote of many beings of dread portents: Atropus, the undead remnant of the creator of the gods; Ragnorra, a horror from the Far Realm which flies like a comet through the plane of life; Red Fel, the first corrupter and undead fiend to whom the world is a phylactery; the Paladin Most Loyal, who seeks to force good destructively upon all; Vael, the first warlock who made a pact with the Abyss itself; the Bladed Lord, clone brother of Garagos who sees war as all; Darinarxul, the tree of night which lives between the Primes; Leliel, the tenshi whose seed has been sown upon the world; the Dread Mythmaker known also as the Story-Wyrm; and last Cotvasro, whom he calls the Bubbling Corrupter. Axtul tells that Cotvasro is not in truth a god, but a far older being. This entity was deep in slumber when the first gods arose and by their will shaped Law and Chaos into the Great Wheel, it did not wake till the Prime Material grew across its form. By the time Cotvasro awoke, the once formless entity was trapped within the earth and within a form of its own. Cotvasro now existed as a sapient fluid, shifting and bubbling, and corporeal. Cotvasro sought to escape its imprisonment, reaching out with what powers it had at its disposal it influenced the least forms of life, guiding them, instructing them, changing them. With its malign will Cotvasro gave rise to fermentation. Then it waited, waited for sapient minds to develop. It touched their minds through drinks laced with the result of its earlier works, drawing them together in celebratory indulgence, extending its will into them while their minds were clouded. With each mind bent towards drink Cotvasro grows closer to being freed. Axtul does not say what will happen should Cotvasro obtain freedom, but he warns of it in the same line as he warns of those other names already listed, whose touch would each destroy the world. (Kno Religion DC 40)


Cotvasro's goal is the complete and total intoxication of all sapient life. Ultimately it desires this to escape from the limitations of form, returning to its formless slumber. To do so, though, it must lead all sapient life into a drunken stupor and connect them together in its will, slowly but certainly subverting their very being and leaving them hollow and empty to fuel its ascent back into formlessness.


A World Drunk

Faint: Creatures which have drunk 36 mL of ethanol (120 mL of 40% alcohol by volume drinks or ~3 shots depending upon country and liquor) gain a +2 profane bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and other Charisma based checks made to interact with other creatures, as Cotvasro guides them through their intoxication with its knowledge of social graces obtained through observing civilization since its birth.

Moderate: All creatures are constantly buzzed and happily tipsy, gaining a +4 bonus to saves versus fear.

Strong: The happy buzz finally turns dark, becoming a broody, angry drunkenness. Whenever a creature takes damage it must make a Will save (DC 20) or enter a frenzy (as a frenzied berserker).

Overwhelming: The mental intoxication begins to wear at the minds of all those native to the Prime. Any sapient (Int 3+) creature born on the afflicted world suffers 1 point of Wisdom drain every 24 hours, even if normally immune.

Malefic Property:

Dissolution of Form

Cotvasro's attempts to escape its form has led it to permeate the area around it with form dissolving acid.

Effect: Creatures within the area of this malefic property take 3d6 acid damage each round which ignores all acid resistance, but not immunity. In addition all other acid damage dealt within this area ignores acid resistance and immunity other than Cotvasro's, and any creature which lacks immunity to acid gains vulnerability to it.


Cotvasro takes the form of a massive, living pool of acidic ethanol, though its worshiper view it as a god who takes the form of a fair and beautiful, young, man of (typically) their race. It dwells somewhere deep within the Underdark, only accessible through magic or a single passage known only to its clergy. Cotvasro's overall strategy involves having his followers perform a series of rituals at various locations across the plane to 'issue in a golden age' in truth acting to free its spirit somewhat from its body allowing it to affect the minds of sapient creatures directly without the need for alcohol (it's sign). Eventually its followers will get disillusioned (probably at Moderate sign) but by then the rituals are no longer needed. This leaves two methods to stop Cotvasro's growing influence. The first is to find a set of counter rituals to reseal it into its body more fully (Axtul Thorazdred details one such ritual in his Krasinomicon). The other is to 'kill' its body directly. While Cotvasro is impossible to truly kill, sufficient injury inflicted to its physical form will force it into quiescence for several millennia, but it will eventually reform and try again.