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    Kurotaka, the First Blackguard

    The name Kurotaka is associated with a series of bloody wars throughout history, where might was pit against might in horrifically bloody conflicts. Sometimes they are presented as a champion of justice, sometimes as the blood thirsty warlord. Always, though, this title is claimed by the side with power, and always proving that might makes right. (Kno History DC 18) Those who claim this mantle for themselves are distinct. Even those who serve as champions of justice become conquerors who stride callously across their defeated foes in the secret annals of accurate history. They become merciless and disrespectful of all things save might of combat and powers of war. The longer they hold the title the more and worse these traits become. And no one who has claimed the title has stopped until they have died a bloody death. (Kno History DC 22) More disturbing, though, are the reports that come along with the claiming of the title Kurotaka. Each time the title is claimed coincides with a spread of warfare across the world and sometimes a rash of planar portals across the world. Each time a Kurotaka has risen these wars have been bloodier and more vicious than the last, and each time the Abyssal gateways more numerous. (Kno History DC 26) If the title is followed far enough back these disasters vanish, and more and more often the one who claims the title Kurotaka were noble and virtuous individuals before taking the name upon themselves. Even the noblest of these heroes who have taken this name have ended vile, despicable and vicious, even if it was taken up for the most righteous of causes. This theme stretches back to the dawning of human recorded histories. (Kno History DC 30) There are other histories than human ones. The title, Kurotaka, shows up in various planar histories as well, vague references and hints only. These whispers point to a connection with the yugoloths, but also one with the Tome Archons which guide the celestial mountain. (Kno History DC 33) The secret histories of the yugoloths tell the truth. Kurotaka was once the name of a devout paladin in the service of the original Raziel. His people were threatened by the early orcs, their armies running across his world. He prayed and prayed to Raziel for aid, but the tome archon was busy with planar wars and what powers he could give to the paladin had already been bestowed. That was when the creature appeared to Kurotaka, one of the first obyriths, and yet one of the most advanced. It was the first archfiend, Pazuzu. Pazuzu gifted Kurotaka with a dark power which allowed the paladin to rout an orcish army, saving his people, but the orcs were certain to return. That was when Kurotaka went to Pazuzu, asking the lord of evil flyers for that power again, for the power to preserve his people. Pazuzu agreed on the condition that Kurotaka serve him. Kurotaka agreed, thus becoming the first blackguard. (Kno History DC 37) When Kurotaka died his soul was taken by Pazuzu. Kurotaka predated the birth of the tanar'ri, and the process by which Abyssal petitioners became demons, but as the first paladin to fall to the service of the Abyss his soul burned with a power unlike any that the hell-plane had known before. The petitioner became something else, etched into reality by his act. He became the talon of Pazuzu, a spirit of strife and war. Given time he became more and more, fighting along the forces of the Queen of Chaos in the early war between Law and Chaos which shaped so much of the multiverse. He became bathed in abyssal energies, predating the tanar'ri he became something different, something more. Not an obyrith and not a tanar'ri he became a creature on the level of archfiends even so, equal but different. (Kno History DC 41)


    The Kurotaka serves war and chaos, its very presence creating strife on a world wide scale. Whoever they once were they would seem to have no goal greater than battle and conquest. (Kno History DC 30) In truth Kurotaka's goal is fairly close to the 'common' belief. The twisted paladin is now a spirit of war and bloodshed, loyal only to the concept that Might makes Right and bound only by ancient pacts with Pazuzu. He would see the Prime torn apart by warfare, ripped asunder by the combat of its inhabitants one world at a time. (Kno History DC 41)


    War is Hell

    Blood runs hot when the mantle of Kurotaka is claimed, fire pounding in the hearts of men calling them to war!

    Faint: Each creature gains the ability to Rage (as a barbarian) 1/day, a creature which normally has the ability to rage may instead 1/day enter an improved version of rage where the bonuses to their Strength and Constitution are increased by 1. Creatures become increasingly irritable.

    Moderate: Whenever a creature comes in contact with a creature they are unfriendly towards they must make a Will save (DC 10) or become hostile to that creature attacking them on sight; this is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.

    Strong: Creatures deal +1 (weapon) damage per 2 CR. Whenever a creature kills a creature they must make a Will save (DC 15) or be driven by a lust for blood to kill another easily available creature; they will go after enemies within sight by preference but if there are none they will attack allied creatures; this is a mind-affecting compulsion effect. The save DC for the moderate sign increases to 15.

    Overwhelming: Each creature must make a Will save (DC 20) each day or be put into a rage (as a barbarian) for 24 hours; this is a mind-affecting compulsion effect. A creature in this rage does not get a save against the moderate sign's effect and suffers a -5 to their save against the Strong sign. In addition the moderate and strong signs' save DCs increase to 20.

    Malefic Property

    Strength is Power

    Intelligence allows you to weave your mind around the ways of the world, Wisdom to sense them and align yourself with them, and Charisma to force them to align with you. In Kurotaka's world none of these are needed. Only power. Only strength.

    Effect: Within the area of this malefic property all save DCs are based off of Strength, all bonus spells (and power points) are based off of a creature's Strength, all maximum spell levels (and equivalent) available and maximum number of soulmelds shaped are based off of Strength.


    Kurotaka is a possessing spirit having no form of his own after these untold eons. Instead he takes the body of a willing vessel granting them great power and corrupting them from within. This vessel will begin a quest of conquest, forcing one nation after another to its knees, even as portals to the first layer of the Abyss open across the world. The sign will progress simply through the process of the wars that Kurotaka leads. If defeated in combat Kurotaka will make an offer to the one who defeated his vessel, offering them the power to rule and conquer the world and a dozen others in exchange for becoming the next Kurotaka. If they accept they gain the Kurotaka template (includes Elder Evil traits, increases to Strength specifically +8 and then base strength becomes equal to highest modified ability score, and malefic property among other qualities) and become the new Kurotaka. If they do not the elder evil will withdraw for a period of generations respecting the right of their might, the effects of his sign fading instantly, the gates to the Abyss disappearing more slowly.
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