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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiriah View Post
    Honestly, at least at early levels, this seems kinda weak. Granted, part of what makes binders special is their absurd versatility, and you could choose to bind Naberius for social things or Amon for combat or what have you, but like 99% of what Naberius can do, a first or second-level warlock can do better.

    A 'lock could take Friends(in addition to EB), and would also get Disguise Self at-will at 2nd level. The Command is pretty strong at higher levels, but at early levels, all the binder is capable of doing with Naberius is casting Friends, being marginally better at skills than normal, disguising once every couple encounters, and once per day having a decent disable spell.

    I dunno, it might just be that Naberius isn't combat-focused and is a first-level vestige at that, but it seems like a bit of a letdown that your entire skillset could be replicated by another class that would also have the game's best attack cantrip.
    I get the warlock thing as far as power is concerned, and will think about what what me and the OP could do to keep the binder at odds with other classes, but I'm not entirely sure the warlock, who's best advantage is the strongest cantrip in the game and excels via at-will abilities, is the best example - since when has Naberius offered you any damage abilities?
    Granted, you have command once per long rest which is usable in combat, but he isn't a combat vestige. I'm sorry if you expected the grinning hound to offer a bite attack
    Personally, I think the vestige format needs a slight change. As-is, there's not really a way to include many passive abilities aside from profs and minor class features, and the class doesn't really have any consistent combat options. Again, more fighty vestiges would have more in that department, but at best they have only a cantrip and a warlock-style slot limited to one spell available consistently. I dunno if there's a way to get 3.5's recharge system to fit in with 5e, but that kept the abilities from being spammed (and kinda forced you to cycle through them) while keeping them strong.
    a wizard doesn't have much going for him, either, if you discount his spells. the fact that there's only one vestige posted at this time, and that it wasn't a predictable sample like Amon, will not mean the binder will fail in a combat.I won't allow it to.
    I will give you one thing, though - I think the binder should his own gimmick, rather than follow others examples.
    Lastly, skills have a greater, more appreciated role in 5 then 3.5, if you somehow find a way to get more than 4 skills is considered much more valuable. If the level binder got 5 vestiges that each gave him a skill, he could have as many as 10 different skills, feats and downtime notwithstanding.
    If we as adding skills it would require caution, come to think of it.^_^;;;;

    I dunno. It's just that 5e has made first-level characters comparatively stronger than first-levels in previous editions, and this class should probably try to fit in with that.
    A great point. the game's progression is no longer linear like in previous editions - by it's own nature, you get more early- and mid- level class abilities than late ones.

    Anything else? Anyone else?
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