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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    We played a session about 2 weeks ago, but I was so swamped with RL commitments that I couldn't update till now. It was a short session (By our standards)- about 6.5 hours or so, and comprised mostly of one HUGE battle. You'll see...

    Sena's player, always one full of drama and roleplay wanted to play out a little piece with Arulashee in Drezen, but when he asked the party about them joining in, they preferred he roleplay that bit before the session, so there is a a little roleplay with him alone, solo-style, before the actual session.

    Also, our first fatality! Who died? Read on...

    Session 19- Sena's vision of the future, Battle of The Ivory Sanctum

    I shall begin with the pre-session solo play with Sena, and his plans for Drezen. Prepare for some nice Drama!

    An invitation for the future.

    To allow Sena to play out his plans for the city, we concluded in party that they'll teleport near the city. As the rest of the party rested after the battle at the redoubt, Sena talked to Arulashee.
    S: "You seem uncomtfortable among us. You don't need to be, you are amongst friends."
    Aru: "It's just... usually crusaders would have attacked and tried to kill me on sight. It takes getting used to not being hunted." She gave a nervous laugh.
    S: "I would like to show you something. Do you trust me?"
    Arulashee hesitated for a few seconds, but then replied. "You are friends with Andera. I trust you."
    Sena extended his hand: "Come with me to the city, I would like to show you what we have accomplished."
    Arulashee moved uncomfortably. "They won't like me there. You are one thing, but most won't give me a chance..."
    S: "I would like you to see what I now see. What I have come to see anew, what you too have helped me see!"
    Aru looked at him curiously. "What is it that you speak of? What do you see?"
    S: "The future... A world where there is a place even for people like you, for people like me, where we are all the same."
    She looked at him perplexed "You see us as the same?"
    Sena smiled at her, a warm, yet slightly sad smile. "You say you have the blood of many on your hands. And what if I said I have the blood of many on mine? Also made as a part of a... deal... a choice... No one here..." He glanced at the other party members "Is exactly as they seem..."

    At this Arulashee looked at him with a new curiosity, but then changed her appearance to that of a comely half elf (I have tons of pics on my lap top for the time I played in PvPs. Comes in handy for on-the-moment-NPCs). "What name would you like me to take for our trip to the city?"
    Sena smiled. "It's not for me to choose... What name shall you choose, for your new future?"
    She seems to think about it. "I shall go by Lash. I think."
    S: "A fine name. For the trip there, you shall be my apprentice".
    With that, Sena cast Word of Recall on them both, into his temple.

    "What do you see?"
    As they appeared in the temple, some of the followers of the Cult of the Spirit Walker" bowed with awe "He has returned again! How may we serve thee?!" Sena tried to have them stop bowing, but to no avail. He whispered to Arulshee "Part of the problem of being a religious icon. I really hate this."

    He avoided the fuss and just took her to the roof. He showed the people and workers of Drezen. "What do you see?"
    Aru looked: "I see much life, much work. There wasn't so much when the demons ruled this place."
    S: "Look deeper, further, what do you see?"
    Aru: "I see regeneration, rebuilding, remaking."
    Sena swept his arm, showing a few mingled groups of tieflings, mongrelfolks, and others. "nd how is that made possible? Nothing is as it seems to be. This is the future, working together for a better world, in cooperation for freedom. We are no longer enemies, we have put aside our differences, to build something greater than ourselves, that will continue. The future."
    Arulashee looked at the tieflings: "These are the freed of Andera? Those Desna told me about?"
    Sena spoke warmly. "Yes, and they are not alone- there are also the mognrelfolk, who were shunned by the rest of us as pests, rats. And they too, like the tieflings, now work in unison together with us all. As you see, the world is changing."
    Aru: "Yes, I have felt it. But to actually see it?! That is something else..." She seemed a bit disturbed, conflicted.
    S: "You have only seen the start..." He took her down into Drezen, and made their way towards the main squre, while he cast several Sendings to the leaders and main groups in the city, calling upon them to meet him there.

    Sena's vision of the future
    a duo wanted to meet them before though. Near the gates of the citadel they met with Arabeth and Anevia.
    "Sena! You hve returned! Where are the others? You have left in such a hurry? Who is this?" Anevia in particular was curious, examining Lash the half elf intently.
    Sena moved in the way. "This is my new apprentice. Is this a way to show hospitality?"
    Anevia deflected. "Oh, I'm just a people person, I like to know people, especially new ones. I don't recall seeing her in Drezen, and I make it my business to know the people here..." She looked at him quizzingly.
    S: "Well, she is my friend from afar."
    Ane: "Well, every friend of yours, is a friend of mine."
    S: (A bit testingly) "remember you said this." And with that they just moved along ,towards the square in front of the gates, near where Horus Emporium was quickly being established.

    By the time they arrived there, there was already quite a gathering. Sena got up on a sort of a make shift stage, and addressed Qulin Longshadow. " We haven't spoken in a long time, and never had a decent conversation. I come to you today, for counsel, for warning, for redemption... For the future, all in one combined. Choose one, and you will know all."
    Sena's cryptic words made the sorcerer uneasy, and his shadow shifted and twitched. He did not like being in the center of attention. "Why have you called us here Senatef?"
    S: "I saw what you have become, you are no longer servants, you no longer call anyone master, you are on your own. And for that I must say that I have misjudged you.
    Q: Misjudged me how?
    S: "In our first conversations, we asked how can we free you, you said that you can never be freed. You said your souls are linked to a higher power, like all tieflings." (Sena is referring to a bit of flavor we made on the spot, that the souls of tieflings serving the demon lords were tied to those of higher demons, that they served. The tiefligns gave Andera a symbolic "Soul stone" which can anchor their souls if their original soul stone is negated).
    Qulin hissed in warning "It is not matter to discuss in the open, it is displeasing to most people souls"
    Sena pressed on: "What if I can free you?"
    This go a lot of tieflings mumbling. "What do you mean?"
    Sena bowed, his head low to Qulin and the rest. "For as long as I live, I swear I will do my best to find the demon holding your soul stone, and free your souls. Just give me it's name."
    This got many more mumbles. "You will do this for us?" Qulin spoke with him more silently "We only know that last it belonged to a Coloxuss demon called Oodkalakat". (The player informed me of his plan, so I made some... adjustments )

    Sena stood. "And now for the warning. We know that Jerribeth has the ability to control minds, and people. I fear that till we shall release you completely, there is some possibility that she will be affecting you."
    Quylin smiled: "Don't you think you should tell that to them?" He made a motion at the crowd, and leaders "She will seek prime targets, not us, who are already distrusted."
    Sena paused and gave it some thought. "You are smarter and subtle than I thought."
    Sen addressed the crowd "Do you want to know the truth?! A lot fo you think that our presence is a threat of the city. Partially you are correct, for we have the ability to change the future, to fight. As long as we are alive, there is hope, and what Jerribeth and the others try to do is quench this hope. But what is this hope? Simply to destroy all demons, or try to build something new, something better?"
    Again he called upon them. "What do you see?"
    The crowd mumbled, not seeming to understand.
    Sena continued. "The real threat is not our presence, but what the city represents. For the first time, the full cooperation between races that was impossible, inconcieveble- the mongrelfolk, who were feared, distrusted and reviled. The tieflings- Our enemy, now with us, rebuilding the city. This is the future-cooperation, putting aside differences for a better world, and after all of us will be gone, the dream will be bigger than all of us. THIS is what Jerribeth and her associates want to destroy! This, the vision of a new world, a world where we can all live, and join in!"
    This got more mumbles and discussion in the crowd.
    Sena's voice dropped lower." And now for the other part of the truth. Yes, everyone know that Drezen is in risk, but I think that for this dream which is bigger than all of us individually, we must make sacrifices, and sometime the ultimate sacrifice. I too was blinded by hate! When we stood upon the roof of Drezen, watching the armies dying suffering, my heart was hardened, and the blood of many is also on my hands. "
    Opoli broke in " Spirit! You cannot take the responsibility on your hands! It was Vorlesh who created that trap!"
    Sena "Thank you dear lady, but I know my sins, and the price I will eventually pay for them. No more lies, no more politics, only one cause, one truth... On the roof I called for the divine to help. And help it did, lessening the suffering of some. But I was blinded by hate, and I saw the tiefligns as demons, as collaborators and allies of our enemies, and I did not extend this help, this lessening of suffering to them. I let them suffer and die..."
    A lot of tiefligns seemed mightily agitated and angry at this.
    "I was mistaken, but for this sin, I need make reparations. And for this sin, and for them showing me what rel change is, I will free them. Nobody even thought that they could even act differently from what they re, from their... nature... but change they did. Now I understand- they are free men, and free men they are! If I had the ability to change my decision, I would have done it, but I can only change the future, as any of you can. So to redeem myself, I make an oath now, to all of you as my witnesses! I will not rest, and lay down my arms until the tieflings will be in their rightful place as equals!"
    Sena gave a slight pause and then continued. "I believe we need to work together, and know the truth, no more lies, no more politics, no more spying. Let us work together for a better world, better future, one that everyone can work together in a common cause, and be free. Lets be free from the past, and look for the future.
    he bowed to the tieflings again, Qulin in particular. "Do you accept my offer?"
    Q: "You were never in debt to us Senatef... We will forgive in time. We have known cruelty, we have known hate, but thanks to Andera and the rest of you, we have also known another chance, and forgiveness. We will forgive you, but if you will forgive yourself, that is another matter... That is part of the teaching of Sarenrae" the last was said with a smile.
    Again Senatef turned to the crowd. "I stand with you, listen to your hearts, and I ask you only one thing: Enough with words, this is time for action! If you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, Join me! Join me for a better world, for a better future. And stand beside me, not as a ruler, but help rebuild this vision. This is no more merely Drezen, a defensive fort! This is a place of hope, of opportunity, of a new era! Let us make this dream possible!"
    The crowd broke off and cheered "For the new Drezen! For the future!"Some tiefligns turned angry, but quite a few bowed a sign of honor, and some showed simple holy symbols of Sarenrae.

    As Sena got down from the stage, he whispered to Arulashee "This is your new future as well. Join us..." The risen succubus seemed quite stunned by the events. (I decided his speech will give her a +3 on her saves in the trials of redemption she might make in the future)

    As a last act, Sena reached to a big rock, left from the ruins, that haven't been moved yet, and used Sculpt Stone to create a rough new sign for Drezen, and the vision of the new future:

    Horus was thinking "I can make pins for that!" With that, Sena cast wind walk on them both, and they left.

    Spoiler: DM thoughts- Sena's solo play
    Sena's player told the party in advance the rough lines of what he planned to do, and asked them to join in. He though of something a bit more elaborate, with Andera joining the talks (And his confession), with the mognrelfolk, Julian with the town leaders and so on. But the party decided that they wish to focus on the action this time in the actual session (Though Julian's player wanted to join in with Sen, but then opted not to).

    Tell the truth, I was disappointed at this. I like the "talky" bits quite a lot. So we opted to have Sena come to the city before hand and ply his vision out. The player likes to be a big move, and really likes transition and developments of character. I hoped this proved decent enough. He liked it enough. I'm just worried that of how to have it impact play in the future, with the following modules taking them far away from Drezen.

    The full session begins- Welcome back?

    Julian was trying to read the codex again, but again she felt as if she was losing her sanity. She needed some longer term plan on how to counter this. Perhaps the help of Sena or Brian.
    Aru: "Well, that was something to think about. Ways of redemption, of a possible future, nothing I thought was possible."
    Sena. satisfied, went on to meditate adding "Oodkalakat" too his list.
    Andera's player however became quite suspicious (Even though he agreed to Sena's player doing a solo play) and started to question Arulashee "How did you remember Drezen?"
    She spoke of the times of demonic occupation, the cruelty, the fear, the brutality.
    And: "I hope Sena didn't try to make him convert."
    Aru: "No, he tried to show me a possible future... one I might have a place in..." She said thoughtfully.
    And: "Do you think you have a place?"
    Aru: "I have been sking this myself for a logn time. Mortals souls and demons sould are different. Mortals feel they can make a change. I saw the tieflings. Perhaps I can as well?"
    And: "Well, we are different as you say. No other demon could truly change their nature. Yout think you can?" (Sena's player wanted to intervene, but Andera's player specifically said he spoke with her alone. We ddin't quite understand what he was getting at)
    Arulashee looked at him confused, hesitating: "I hope so... I... I don't quite know... I've seen the tieflings, the one called Qulin Longshadow? He is unlike any other tiefling I have encountered. He seems... different..."
    And: "I am not fully certain of the change of tielfings. They have made some changes, but their minds can still be easily affected by demons. It is still too soon... As to you, I am afraid that you might not go fully through this, that Jerribeth might be able to affect you."
    Arulshee seemed quite stunned by this. (As was most of the party) Her mood darkens. "I... maybe you are right, maybe I am of a danger... I don't... I don't know... But Sena- He spoke of his sins as well, of his trial of redemption" (She explained this briefly) You know him better than I do..."
    And: "I am not sure anymore... Tell me Arulshee- do you still feel the temptation of demonic nature?"
    Aru: "At times, I feel the urge, the brutality, especially when near demons themselves. At times I have given myself to it, which is why the road to redemption is so long! Some steps ahead, some steps back..." The rising confidence of the succubus seemed shaken. "He spoke of freeing them, the tieflings, getting their soul stone.
    (The party discussed the soul stone briefly- basically it binds the souls of departed tieflings to it, for a demon to draw from later on. Tieflings under the servitude of the demon lords host tied their souls to such. The Drezen tieflings bound their souls all to one such stone)
    Arulashee joined Sena in meditation.
    Aru:"I am trying to understand if I'm strong enough to do this"
    S:"I believe you are. Some times in times of need, belief is all you need."
    Julian intervened "It's all too philosophical. If you wish to be good, just act so. It's all you need. Donít waste your time in the gods."
    Aru "But Desna has led me all this way!"
    Julian "Then she has an interest in you. You have a role in her plans, nothing more. But you? You have your own self. Your destiny is in your own hand. Pick your way."
    With that, Arulashee went into deep mediation, confused from all that occurred this day.

    DM thoughts- Arulashee redemption and inter-party rivalry
    Andera's player surprised me here. He has some rivalry and suspicion of Sena's player (Who often played bastards in the past). I guess his suspicions suddenly rose after Sena's solo play, and he decided that the player was trying to pull something under their nose, especially with Arulshee. Somehow the remark by Arulashee of "It's a lot to think about" got him in "conspiracy mode", and he tried to "undo" whatever Sena has done. And since Sena has obviously tried to strengthen her resolve, then he tried to break it...

    Sometimes his suspicious nature gets the best of him I guess. We didn't address it in session, and perhaps we should have (The other players also didn't understand this). I hope to address it before next session, although some damage has been done. I negated the +3 to saves Sena gave her with his speech.

    Entrance to the Ivory Sanctum- The Brazen Bull

    The party rested, planning to get to the Ivory Snactum the next day with Arulashee guiding the way. She said the place was guarded by basilisks, in a chasm deep in the remains of The Green Gates, an old forest of Sarkoris that was corrupted.

    Next morning, Sen cast Wind Walk, and they quickly flew to the Ivory Sanctum. They landed near by the chasm, and start castign various buffs and protections. But they decided to leave Arulashee behind, and not join them to the Sanctum itself. Andera and Julian thought she might prove a hindrance, if she comes near demons, and though Sena advocated for her, ("She should come with us! She needs to face her fears and challenges!") the final decision was to leave her behind... Bummer...

    The party desceneded into the chasm, towards the end of this module, where the Ivory Sanctum awaits, and within it- Jerribeth and Xanthir Vang...

    They go down the small rift, and see various remains of petrified creatures. "basilsks... Remember to close your eyes!" But they do not see the reptiles. As Julian cast detect magic she see something faint in a wall, when a gorgon steps out and breathes! All but Sena are petrified!

    (The gorgon in question ia a mythical beast replacing the basilisks in the module, and appears in Scorpion's file. I liked it, so decided to play it.)

    Sena tries to charm it with the powers of trickery, but the mythical gorgon got a second save each round, and mnages to save. It then bites Sena, and quickly swallows him! (Quick swallow, outer dimension belly) Sena starts to burn under the fires of the gorgon's belly!

    Mad dog and Julian manage to break off the petrification ht does in however (Petrification works differently in PF than in 3.5). Julian tries to polymorph the gorgon, to make Sena rip it apart, but fails. Mad dog rages and hits the brazen bull nicely, but the creature has lots of HP.

    Sena manages to cast resistance from fire, but can't help himself gettign out. But a mythical hold monster plus a coup de grace from Mad dog rips a nice swath through the creature, and lets Sena out, a bit singed though... "I guess things have changed since Arulashee last been here...". Sith, Julian's green sting scorpion clicked and sithed at Mad dog "This one has BIG sting!"

    Negotiations and trickery at the gate

    The party quickly managed to find the illusory entrance and portcullis to the Sanctum, but here I decided to play things a bit differently. As the module assumes the party speaks with Jerribeth, I thought this would be the perfect place for it, with some barrier enabling a conversation. Informed by the Brazen Bull's death, Jerribeth awaits in the main hall of the Sanctum, with 4 half fiend mintaurs (s in the module), and the Scion of Baphomet (A mythical half fiend minotaur anti paladin, from Scorpion's files). As the party tries to find a way to open the portcullis, she addresses them.
    Jer: "My oh my, you ARE competent! No wonder you managed to spoil Vorlehs plans! I have an... interesting deal for you..."
    Jul: "What's the deal?"
    S: "Sorry for killing your pet!"
    Jerribeth laughed "Pets come, and pets go, they are ll expendable. Look, you hate m, I hate you, and so on. I know very well you've come to kill us all, be heroes, and ll of that. But Here is what I suggest-You can fight me, my minions, and demons, and come much weakened to face Xanthir Vang, that mangling pack of disgusting worms. He's quite a threat, let me assure you. But I suggest o let you have free passage, kill the hep of wriggling flesh, and have a run of the place. I say you managed to kill him, and get back to the Abyss, to a new position of power, what do you say?
    The party suspect her: "How do we know you won't betray us?"
    Jerribeth is amused "Please! I'd be offended if you DID trust me! But in this case our interests lies mutually. You have proven capable. I have an interest in abyssal politics, not this tiny realm, and if possible, I prefer not to face you- as I said, you've proven quite worthy. You might prove a bit too much of a challenge. If I can get my way without the risk, what's the harm?"
    Julian" We made a promise, we need to kill you."
    Jerribeth gave an exasperated sigh "So it's about honor, keeping your word, and all that heroic crap?"
    Andera replied "No. it's about ego, you should understand."
    Julian tried to shaken the minotaurs "We have killed many, the Brazen bull included. Do you really want to face us?"
    But Jerribeth laughed "Really? With minotaurs? Fiendish minotaurs? Servants of Baphomet, lord of minotaurs? Pleaassee..."
    Andera tried to bluff: Well guys, she has a point, we need to reconsider: He succeeded well enough, but used this to discretely draw his wand of dimension door.
    Jerribeth looked at them amused. "Oh! You got out! Capable indeed! Poor Vrock... I can throw in a wish if you want. Anything to help you get that miserable sack of flesh out of my way... i will even"
    But that's when Andera used the wand to get himself, Sena and Md do right next to her!

    It's GO time!

    Changi delights "What a blood I smell here!" And sneak attack the surprised Jerribeth, and goes invisible. He sees Jerribeth is surprised, blinking "Where re you, you miserable wretch!" (She can't see him sue to the undetectable quality of Changi).
    Julian casts mythic Black tentacles on Minotaurs! She captures all except for the Scion.
    Jerribeth uses her maddening whispers to try and madden Mad dog, but he barely succeeds with mythic power,. thankfully her power is not overwhelming, due to their success at the Lost expedition. She tries to move 5 ft and teleport away, to cast buffs and return more prepared, but Andera uses Step up and again sneak attacks her, disrupting her teleportion!
    Sena manages to use Dimension anchor but stops her! "Well well, my revenge today will be complete"
    Mad dog goes to titan rage! Full attack! And... again double crits! Why against all the bosses? 205+ 17d6. Kills her. Takes her down. 273 damage. Splatters of Jerribeth flies in ll directions in less than 1 round into combat! And I had such plans! But kudos to the party, they executed this quite nicely!
    That said, I decided the Kalavakus in the back send telepathic messages to ALL of the compound (Even Xanthir Vang and his forces) about what just happened. If the party can take Jerribeth out so fast, they'll need EVERYBODY!

    Tense pause and preparing

    The Scion quickly retreats into the western corridor (Where the minion troops are)
    Kalavakus try to enslave Mad dog. Fail in both attempts and both dominate.
    Julian and Sena both try to block reinforcements- Julian (Still near the gate, outside of the compound) casts Wall of ice on the western corridor, while Sena casts wall of stone on the eastern corridor, while Andera and Mad dog go and engage the Kalavakus demons (Which prove to be ineffective against both)

    Meanwhile, the rest of the compound prepares- The templars try to break the wall of ice, the Black fire adepts cast defensive spells, as does Xanthir Vang and the Coloxus demon.
    The Neg thlagu are blocked by the wall of stone, and move south towards the door leading to Jerribeth quarters. The Scion of Baphomet teleports there too with the Coloxus, preparing to attack from the est while the rest attack from the west.
    The captured minotaurs in the meantime get bombarded by fireballs from Julian, and Sena buffs himself yet even more...

    All hell breaks loose!

    In one round, all fronts appear!
    First come Xanthir Vang with two mythical apocalypse locust and His upgraded retriever (All from Scorpion's files). Xanthir himself is using improved invisibility, so the party don't notice him at first. The retriever quickly breaks the ice wall, and allows the templars in. It's eye rays hit Julian and Sena, but don't manage to petrify/ disintegrate them. The Apocalypse locust breath, but do little else.

    Sena opens the doors to the east, meeting the Scion and Coloxus, while the Neg Thalagu crawl on the wall above invisibly into the room. Sena manages to block the attacks. The coloxus tries casting confusion bu the party saves.

    The 8 black fire adepts appear at the edges of the temple and fighting zone with dimension doors, while the others cast resilient spheres (Both fail to encapsulate Mad dog) and fireballs. Sena's resistance to fire serves him nicely, but Andera and Mad dog are hi.

    The party really fears the Retriever. Julian, deciding it is the biggest threat, tries casting Apparent Master on it but fails. It glows with protective runes (Protection from spells, giving it +8 against spells) which block it.

    Sena is the nsurprised to have 33 lightning bolts coming at it from the ceilings as the Neg thelagu cast from the ceiling and appear! I show them their pics, and the party goes "Wtf? Does are ugly ******..."
    Mad dog and Andera then focus their attacks on the Apocalypse locust, and Mad dog's titan rage ends, and he becomes small. He decides to save his mythic power for now.

    The party becomes ware at Xanthir Vang who uses cloud kill and Disintegrate, but does not manages to find him (Um... purge invisibility? True sight? For some reason the party didn't think of those... ) The party starts using their mythic power a lot just to save.
    The retriever focuses his attacks on Mad dog and grabs him strongly ,damaging him greatly. Mad dog Md dog comes to try and help clear the road for Sena to heal Mad dog, and with 3 attacks kills the Scion!
    The cultists throw various dispel magic, taking down some of Sena, Julian and Mad dog's buffs. Things look not so great.

    Julian manges to occupy both the retreiver and Xanthir Vang's attention by succeeding to grab control of it (Just barely) With apparent master. "Drop him and go fter Xanthir and his minions!"
    Sena suffers yet more lightning, while the cloud kill sucks at everyone's' constitution slowly. Some templars die due to Xnthir's cloud (He really couldn't care less), and though the retreiver drops Mad dog, Xanthir drops him even more with a spiked pit! Mad dog spendt the rest of the battle trying to get out!
    One of the cultists managed to encapsulate Julin in a resilient sphere. "Fire them all!" Shouts the worm that walks, and the 7 remaining cultists focus fireballs on Sena, who manages to withstand them with his resist fire and ward shield. Andera however, who stand near him, does not. (This is also when we learn that ninjas do not have evasion?! WTF?) Andera cant take the damage and... dies...

    First fatality of our game! With Andera dead, Julian still out (And captured in sphere, Mad dog down a spiked pit, and Sena surrounded from all side, things didn't look good. Sith, Julian's scorpion looked and clicked. "yep, we're all toast!"

    Fighting back!

    Sena grunts "1st things first!" With faith healing he uses Breath of Life on Andera, and manages to bring him back to the game. ("He got better!" ) He then uses a mythic action to channel energy, healing all the three inside for some needed hit points. Changi then uses it's dimension door to put them behind one of the statues in the temple, hidden to the others.
    Julian dimension doors herself out of the spheres, and keep directing the retriever, which turns and kill 3 cultists with some crits and eye rays! This turns Xanthir attention again to control it (And with no more quickened spells)
    A bit better now, but still fighting. Mad dog was still trying to climb out.

    Protecting the files
    At this point the opposition consisted of Xanthir Vang, the retreiver, 4 cultists, the Neg Thalagu, the Coloxus, and 2 cultists. I decided to put another twist. The coloxus partly panicked "Protect the files! Burn them! They must not get them!" The templrs both rushed towards the strtaegy room, just beyond the western corridor.
    Andera, back to life, hears this, and uses his wand of dimension door to get him and Sena to block them. They see the surprised Coloxus there, trying to get in the door (I decided the room is impervious to teleportation, and so he teleported just outside it. Sena casts hel on Andera, who in the next turn moves and kills the coloxus.

    Xan in the meantime gains control over the retriever, tries to find the missing duo , with spells and such, but to no success. The cultists start bombing Md dog with Magic missiles and lightning, but the big fellow manages to soak up damage, but gets wounded more and more... The Neg Thalagu position themselves near the gate, ready to strike at Julian, but she goes into improved invisibility.

    Julian uses an empowered mythic fireball, and kills of the neg thelagu and some cultists, and damages the retriever. Xan, in return, summons 3 Babaus outside the gate ,who pinpoint Julian with their see invisibility, and enable Xanthir to launch a maximized fireball on her. He then moves to the opening mechanism to open the gate for the retriever, who moves close to the gate. I suspected Julian would move to cover, but she just keeps pumping fireballs, the second one manages to capture Xanthir Vang! Now, he has resistance fire 20, but he also suffers 50% more damage from area spells... from empowered mythic fireballs... He gets damaged severely, and Julian sees the flaming remains (The spells also catches enemies on fire) and she yelled to the others.

    Sen hears this, and rushed back to the main room, and cast flame strike, and with holy searing fires killed Xanthir Vang! Some of his spirits then whirled around,m saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you..." and slowly dissipated into the aether, and Sena breathed deeply in.

    The rest of the battle was quite easy, with the party breaking down the retriever and the remaining cultists down. The Battle of the Ivory Sanctum was won!

    DM design- fight of the Ivory Sanctum
    I wanted to play out the "Jerribeth Vs. Xanthir" idea which the module suggested, but the party preferred assault. I figured that taking down only some of them at a time would prove far too easy, as the battle in the redoubt proved laughable. So I intended for the whoel complex (Or most of it) to attack the party t once at some point, even if they did go with Jerribeth suggestion, she would attack them with her powers from behind.

    The battle mostly took place in the main hall nd temple, which was good, since it allowed some maneuvering space. I'm glad of that.

    It was quite difficult to ply the battle due to the mount of forces involved. In a previous campaign we has a battle of such a scale (The Silver Flame Cathedral in the "Many Facets of Darkness" campaign), which helped me prepare better- I prepred sheets of data for groups of enemies with main stats (AC< attack, saves and such) and main shticks. Still, quite a difficult battle to to run! It totally exhausted me!

    Xanthir proved fun to ply, but it was extremely hard to bring his full offensive power to play due to limited actions (Even with his quicken rod). Unfortunately he got caught in Julian's fireball which took about 120 oh his hit points... too bad...

    The cultists, as casters, proved quite an interesting diversion- with fireballs, dispel magic and resilient sphere they proved interesting .I fiddled a bit with the 3rd and 4th level spells, dividing them into groups of 2, each with slightly different spells. not much of a difference. As support they work quite nicely.

    I kept forgetting the Neg Thalagu. They feel so much out of concept with the temple, that I think I missed 1-2 turns with them. They felt quite not belonging, and a needless distraction. I suggest replacing them with something else.

    After math and looting!

    We had a humus break, and in the meantime I gave them all of the loot. The main loot in the plce comes from two sources: Xnthir Vang's stuff (He carries a LOT of loot), and the secret vault of the temple (We skipped the battle and trap there, there really was no point to it).

    Amongst the loot of the temple the party found two interesting items: Robes that belonged to Julian's mother- Diana Bear storm, and the Warlord's Plate- A breastplate belonging to ancient Sarkori Warlord. The two are tailored items. The Breast plate I prepared for Mad dog to also have some special item, while the robes I put there a long time ago instead of Yaniel's armor, with the same idea in mind for the Julian. I forgot she already had Brilliance, and didn't really need another items. Oh well...

    All in all, huge amounts of loot, but they are supposed to have loot equal of 15-16th level. Did I mention they hit 12nd level, and 5th tier?

    The party also found Xanthir's Research notes, Jerribeth notes, and the Strategy room's notes, but we decided we'll deal with that in the next session.

    Spoiler: Ivory Sanctum full loot list
    "Quest" items:
    - Cult of Baphomet strategic encrypted notes.
    - Xanthir Vang's encrypted notes.
    Coins+ Gems+ Art:
    - 14,000 (Minotaurs' gear)
    - 6,000 (reagents from forge)
    - 10,000 (Vault)
    - 450 (wines and candies from Ustalav and Numeria)
    - 10,800 (Templar's gear)
    - 8,200 (Xanthir Vang's treasure)
    - Cloak of resistance +4 (16,000)
    - Exquisite clothes (4,500)
    - Exquisite jewelery (6,500)
    Xanthir Vang:
    - Quicken metamagic rod- 3/day, up to 6th level (75,500)
    - Lesser maximized metamagic rod- 3/ day, up to 3rd level (14,000)
    - Staff of conjuration, fully charged. 10 charges. (82,000)
    - Wand of mirror image, 6th level, 8 charges (500)
    - Black robe of the archmagi (75,000)
    - Headband of mental prowess +4 (Int, Wis; grants ranks in Bluff and Sense Motive)- 40,000
    - Ring of major fire resistance- resist fire 20. (28,000)
    - ring of protection +5- to deflection (All types of AC)- 50,000
    - rod of withering- melee weapon, like light mace, damages 1d4 con+ 1d4 str. DC 17 fort negates. (25,000)
    Xanthir's lab:
    - Spell books (12,000)
    - Lore books: +10 on planes, arcana, history, naturr, spellcraft, Dungeoneering. +5 on religion. (800 pounds, 12,000)
    - Alien looking Mithral wonderous raven figurines (7 eyes, 5 legs) 3,800
    - 2 empty chests of Nyhidrian crystals.
    - 4 Ambrosia- Mythic items. Takes 1 minute to eat, return mythic power to full. (10,000 each)
    - Art objects from Black wing library (13,500)
    - Flying Carpet 5x10 (35,000)
    - Wand of inflict serious wounds, 40 charges (9,000)
    - Wakizashi of the planes (22,300)
    - Rod of persistent spell- 3/day, up to 6th level (32,500)
    - Pearl of power, 6th level (36,000)
    - Warlord's Breast plate: +4 to AC, +2 to int and cha (Linked skill: Intimidate). Adds Intimidating prowess as a feat, 3/day can cast heroism on others as a swift action. (66,000)
    - Robes of Diana Bearstorm: Resist lightning 20, +2 con, Beast shape II (Large bear) 1/ day (CL 10, 1 hour), +1 CL for electricity and sonic spells. (61,500)
    Neg-Thalagu (Brain collectors):
    - Various alien looking gems of flesh and other worldly substances (4,200)
    - 2 potions of enlarge person (50 each)
    - 4 potions of unnatural lust (300 each),
    - 2 CSW potions (750 each)
    - Manual of bodily health +2 (55,000)
    Magical forge:
    - +1 unholy scythe (18,000, can only sell to evil)
    - broken +1 keen glaive, (9,000, if you fix 13,500)
    - broken assasin's dagger. (5,150. If you fix 7,725. Can only sell to evil)
    - 6 empty chests of Nyhidrian crystals.
    Strategy room:
    - Jar of Locust Swarm (Cannot sell)
    - Wand of resilient sphere 10 charges (5,200)
    - Wand of dispel magic 10 charges (2,250)

    End of Demon's Heresy!

    Each Player's XP- 299,500! (Never thought we'll see such numbers in play! )
    We stopped here. The party loved the battle, said it was one of the best and most tense sessions ever! It was quite a lot of fun, but draining as hell! Not something I'd like to do every session.

    Next Session is in about 3 weeks. We'll have a short interlude, in between modules, and then- Into the Midnight Isles! Into the Abyss!
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