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The Arcane Archer PrC is one that annoys me. For one, racial prerequisites shouldn't exist.
Dwarven Defender.
Warforged Juggernaut.

Both are something with Racial prereqs. Dwarven Defender is something I was disappointed by, as I had hoped for defence to have an effect during combat.
Fighter I expected to, well, be a Warblade, before I read the Class.

Monk, Bard, Totemist, Incarnate, Crusader, Sword Sage, Warblade, Dread Necromancer, Factotum, the Psionic Classes (yes even Soulknife) and the Tier 1 Classes. These all have something to look forward to at every level, besides HP, Skill Points and Save progression.
Everything else I have experience with, I am disappointed by the lack of cool stuff. The playground may not like the Monk, but I don't like any of you guys either, except you Rudisplorker I got you a pogo stick.

I do dislike the lack of PrCs for Artificer that focus on boosting Artificer stuff, and the environment/weather based PrCs are either limited in number or abilities.