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I get the warlock thing as far as power is concerned, and will think about what what me and the OP could do to keep the binder at odds with other classes, but I'm not entirely sure the warlock, who's best advantage is the strongest cantrip in the game and excels via at-will abilities, is the best example - since when has Naberius offered you any damage abilities?
Granted, you have command once per long rest which is usable in combat, but he isn't a combat vestige. I'm sorry if you expected the grinning hound to offer a bite attack
It's not that Naberius isn't a combat vestige - he's obviously built for socializing it up and being a party face. It's just that Naberius isn't really giving you significant benefit in filling the social role he's made for.

Friends doesn't really help you socially in any situation where you're dealing with someone you don't plan on murdering after it wears off, and any Binder probably has already taken Deception (assuming it's available - I can't seem to find the skills list?) in order to weasel their way out of religious persecution, if that part of the lore's being carried over to 5e.

I made the Warlock comparison due to it being another class with spells that recharged on short rests. Maybe it's not the most apt comparison, as the two classes sit rather far apart in terms of versatility, but as it stands, binding Naberius doesn't seem to give any significant social benefit.

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a wizard doesn't have much going for him, either, if you discount his spells. the fact that there's only one vestige posted at this time, and that it wasn't a predictable sample like Amon, will not mean the binder will fail in a combat.I won't allow it to.
The issue I was trying to address is more that, at first level, a Binder has basic weapon and armor proficiency, two passives such as languages or maybe skill/weapon proficiencies from a vestige, one cantrip, one (effectively) warlock-like spell, and one (again, effectively) cleric/wizard spell.

To compare it to another class that has spells, a first level wizard may lose the armor and some of the weapon profs, but in return has three cantrips, six available spells, two of which can be cast from a list of (int mod plus one) prepared. That's a lot more options available at once, as well as more spells throughout the day (especially after Arcane Recovery). This was part of why I made the Warlock comparison - Warlocks have short rest recharge spells, potentially some long-rest abilities, and light armor and simple weapons. A bard would also be somewhat similar - same equipment profs, and a rather versatile skillset.

A lot of the Binder's strength is being a jack of all trades, but I think the existing format for vestige powers makes it too much of a "master of none", in that it has few methods of contributing in any meaningful way. It could be that there's only Naberius posted as of now, but I think that the Binder needs to have its core class feature be a bit stronger and more distinct, rather than being "you can take these weaker things from other classes and use them interchangeably." How's Paimon or Dahlver Nar, with their pretty unique abilities, going to be represented by borrowing spells and class features.
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I will give you one thing, though - I think the binder should his own gimmick, rather than follow others examples.
Yeah, this.

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Lastly, skills have a greater, more appreciated role in 5 then 3.5, if you somehow find a way to get more than 4 skills is considered much more valuable. If the level binder got 5 vestiges that each gave him a skill, he could have as many as 10 different skills, feats and downtime notwithstanding.
If we as adding skills it would require caution, come to think of it.^_^;;;;
Fair point on the skills, but how likely are you to run into knowledge-related checks, thievery, social business, and/or a bunch of other skill stuff in one session? Furthermore, if you've bound into a full skillmonkey set of vestiges, what're you doing for combat? I mean obviously some combat vestiges would give skills, but going by your description, it seems the binder in question would be entirely skill-focused.

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A great point. the game's progression is no longer linear like in previous editions - by it's own nature, you get more early- and mid- level class abilities than late ones.
My thoughts on this have kind of been explained above - but to clarify, I think that Naberius needs a bit of a power boost in order to make level one binders who use him capable party members in their intended social role, regardles of if their in-combat role is limited to crossbowing it up from a distance.

Kinda got wall-of-texty there. Hope some of what I had to say is useful.