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Thread: [PEACH] Binder class (WIP)

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    STILL EDITING 1 second done
    Quote Originally Posted by Spiriah View Post
    No worries on the quotes. Also, thanks for appreciating my input. It means a lot to be able to contribute to the updating of one of 3.5's coolest classes.
    my pleasure

    Yeah, this was one of my concerns, too, and I think that making vestiges less "one size fits all" would be a step in the right direction. Maybe make the abilities more guidelines than hard rules - X number of minor abilities, X number of slightly stronger powers, and then one big power? Guess I'll wait to see what you've got before offering critique in that department.
    also a valid suggestion I'm gonna steal it!

    I wasn't saying that Binder would automatically be skill-heavy - was referring to you bringing up the possibility of up to 10 skills being available to Binders. And I think the advantage on appropriate checks would work quite well - [B{fits Naberius's 3.5 powerset better than casting Friends.[/B]
    message received. the friends cantrip is off the table. curiosity, what do you think of Vicious Mockery? I thought it was very thematically appropriate given his influence, but I can't tell it's value as a Cantrip. And I still want to hand out Cantrips.
    Yeah, a Dex bonus is kind of out of the question for 5e - I haven't really found anything that modifies stats besides, say, intellect devourers. I think that something that prevents/disadvantages opportunity attacks might be a good component of Paimon's powerset, though I don't know how to implement his Dance of Death. He'd probably also need some form of extra attacks.
    extra attacks are a neat idea, but there should only be one vestige IMO that gives a consistent extra attack. At best, a high level vestige might add an "extra attack; but with conditions" to cap the binder at 3 attacks/round.
    Another option is to just GIVE the binder chart an extra attack at level 5 (when Paimon is available), and worry about second extra attack/(conditional) from a high level tier vestige.

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Doctor View Post
    You're welcome.

    We don't need level 9 vestiges, do we? The old binders were just fine without them.

    I'll be trying to convert an existing vestige myself later today.
    The OP insisted justly on vestiges peaking at 9th level, because it's weird that by level 17-20 the binder is stuck with 8th level vestiges when all the big spellcasters get level 9 spells. Also, 9th level vestiges would probably be easier to compare with the power of 9th level spells.

    Also - cool! Which one? :3
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