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    The Thousand Blades

    The magic that is used to infuse many items with power sometimes results in them gaining a mind. Just a basic sentience, in most cases, but often with agendas of their own (Know: Arcana DC 20). What is less commonly known is that it was not always this way, and it all began with the village of Altovilla. What's more, several of the artisans there did not merely have a chance of seeing their works come to life, they could reliably craft such from scratch. (Know: Arcana DC 30)

    There is more to this story than most know. In the beginning of it all, there was a hermit craftsman who made blades of astounding quality and mighty magic. Any who heard of him flocked there, and the village more or less sprung up in his support. Though his name is lost to time, the name of his last great weapon, the thousandth in his illustrious career, is not: the greatsword Elric. (Know: Arcana DC 35). Shortly after it was completed, the village was raided by those with more greed than sense, and the great craftsman was slain by his own greatest work in the hands of one of the bandits. That bandit died, and the blade Elric was the only one recovered from the village. (Know: History DC 35). Soon after, it awoke to sentience as the first intelligent item (Know: Arcana DC 40)

    It is said that the mind is that of the great hermit, but this is not certain. What is known is that it knew the means by which more of its kind may be made, and it instructed the artisans and craftsmen of the village in the means to do so. (Know: Arcana DC 45). Unknown to them, all intelligent items which passed near would report to it, and this only fueled what would become a burning hatred for nearly all sentient life. They always came back to war and conflict, even when it had no purpose, even when it could only cause pain. Honor was gone in all but the village of Altovilla, as so they must be purged (Know: Arcana DC 50)


    The greatsword Elric bears a deep hatred for those which slew its maker, but the blade has little concept of the difference between men. It seeks no less than the mass slaughter of all those it sees as being unworthy, which translates to all sentient life not accepted by the Altovillans.

    Malign Minds of Mystic Origin
    Elric has a special purpose now, and its power is the ability to speak to, dominate, and control all that arose due to the process he was the first to undergo.

    Faint: All intelligent magic items have their Ego scores increase by 3, and try to make their way to the Village of Altovilla at least once annually in order to report to Elric. All such items now act to slay non-Altovillans, providing a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls against sentient creatures if a weapon, or have their save DCs increased by 1 if not. These bonuses are reversed to penalties if used against an Altovillan.
    Moderate: Item Ego scores increase by another 3, and all bonuses and penalties from Faint sign increase by one. All intelligent magic items gain a special purpose (even if they already had one) to bring slaughter to all sentients, telepathy, and the special purpose power to Dominate any sentient being within 100ft once per day with a DC of 10 plus the items Ego and a caster level equal to its Ego.
    Strong: All permanent magic items must make a DC 5 Will save each day or gain basic intelligence. Ego scores of all items increase by another 3, all bonuses and penalties increase to +4/-4, and the items have their special purpose power expanded. The Dominate effect may be used twice per day, and is Extended. In addition, the ability to cast Charm monster three times per day with the same DC is added to the special purpose of the item. All items lose any special purposes they had other than those given by the Signs of the Thousand Blades
    Overwhelming: The save DC that magic items must make to avoid gaining sentience increases to 10. All intelligent magic items gain another 3 ego, and the bonuses and penalties increase to +8/-8. The Charm and Dominate effects are now permanent. In addition, if an intelligent magic item of every body slot is within 50 feet of each other, they tear themselves free and assemble into a body. Treat this as an Altovillan Iron Golem, plus the effects of all items composing it. The golem also has ranks in Spellcraft and one random Craft skill equal to its HD, plus all item creation feats. If Elric is a part of the golem, it is treated as an Adamantine Golem and has all Craft skills in addition to all item creation feats. If destroyed, all components are Disjoined and become nonmagical instantly.

    Malefic Property:
    In addition to the normal malefic property common to all Elder Evils, The Thousand Blades has Kingship of the Craft.

    Kingship of the Craft: All nonmagical items take one damage, ignoring Hardness, every two rounds if within the radius of this aura. This does not affect items of Altovillan manufacture.

    Elric is constantly guarded by the strongest beings Dominated by its subservient items. Typically, this will be one grand master of each Martial Tradition plus five Golems if encountered at the Overwhelming stage.
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