For Lord_Gareth

The Lord Grand Master

The Path of War is a varied and diverse one, with a great many possible disciplines vying for one's dedication. Rather than scatter their skills, the Lord Grand Master (already an accomplished initiator) chooses to focus themselves into one of these possibilities. By doing so, they bring themselves to the very pinnacle of that one path, taking it to extremes unknown even to others who share their arts.

HD: d10

BAB: +8
Feats: Weapon Focus with a discipline weapon of your chosen Discipline, the Style feat of your chosen discipline
Maneuvers: Able to initiate 6th-level maneuvers, with at least one maneuver known of 6th level or higher from your chosen discipline

Level BAB Saves F/R/W Special Known Readied Stances
1st +1 +1/0/+1 Dedication, Fuse Styles 1 0 1
2nd +2 +1/+1/+1 Bonus Feat 1 1 0
3rd +3 +2/+1/+2 Grand Focus 1 0 1

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The Lord Grand Master gains proficiency with all discipline weapons

Maneuvers: At every level, the Lord Grand Master gains new maneuvers from his Dedicated Discipline (see below). He must meet a maneuver's prerequisites to learn it. The character adds his full lord grand master levels to his initiator level to determine his total initiator level and his highest-level maneuvers known.
At 2nd level, he gains an additional maneuver readied per day. He may exchange a known maneuver for a different maneuver that he qualifies for from his dedicated discipline every level.

Stances Know: At 1st level and again at 3rd level, the lord grand master learns a new martial stance from his dedicated discipline. He must meet the stance's prerequisites to learn it.

Dedication: At first level, the lord grand master chooses one martial discipline. That is the only discipline available for levels from this class. This dedication gives two great benefits, though. First, for all purposes other than determining highest-level maneuvers known, his class levels count double for determining initiator level when using maneuvers and stances from his dedicated discipline. Second, regardless of what classes he may take in the future, his dedicated discipline always counts as an available class discipline as long as it is an initiating class.

Fuse Styles: the character gains Fuse Styles as a bonus feat at first level

Bonus Feat: The lord grand master gains a bonus feat from the following list. He must qualify for the feat he chooses, and it must be for his dedicated discipline if applicable: Advanced Study, Discipline Expertise, Discipline Focus, Discipline Mastery, Extra Readied maneuver, or Lightning Recovery

Grand Focus: Upon reaching the pinnacle of his journey, the lord grand master learns to apply his experience more fully to the weapons of his discipline. For the purpose of Weapon Focus or any other feat with it as a prerequisite, the lord grand master may apply its benefits to any discipline weapon instead of just the one chosen.