Spoiler: Naberius Mk.2
The Grinning Hound
1st Level Vestige
Seal: A carefully drawn hand or paw-shaped symbol, facing your left with claws leaning in your direction, and various circles drawn across the seal - notably three on the right side that appear to resemble the claw's joints. sages believe the circles actually hint towards the many secrets he hides, and the power they place within his grasp.
Sign: your voice deepens and sounds hoarse, and you tone often seems to more harsh and intimidating than normal.

Tools: One type of artisan's tools of your choice.

You have advantage on all Intelligence and Charisma checks made to deliver, discover or withhold potentially useful information.

You can spend 1 round to "sniff out" the general direction of, and proximity of the highest authority figure (or one of them), or most influential figure in a group of creatures within 100 feet for the round. Doing so requires an intelligence(Investigation) check contested by the creature's Dexterity (stealth) check. This ability works around corners, but powerful odors or magical effects might mislead or block this unique sense. You can continue to track the leading creature for another round by spending 1 action concentrating on the sense.

You gain the Vicious Mockery cantrip, and can cast it at will.

DISGUISE SELF You can cast Disguise Self without expending a spell slot. Casting the spell in this fashion requires 1 minute.

You can cast Command without expending a spell slot. You cast it as if using a spell slot of the highest level vestige you have bound. At 14th level, you can instead cast Suggestion in the same fashion if you are also bound to a vestige that is 3rd level or higher. Once this ability in either method, you can not do so again until you have completed a long rest.

Very little is known about Naberius, as folklore leads to various potential origins. He does not answer questions regarding his legend, instead giving only a sly smile when being questioned. That being said, Naberius does not like to be interrupted, and such lack of respect imposes disadvantage on Charisma checks when binding him. With that in mind, Naberius enjoys hearing secrets, mischief and gossip, and telling him one of your upkept secrets can often please him, assuming you have not told this information to him before.
If you make a poor pact with Naberius, he influences your personality in one or both of the following ways:
Personality Trait I relish the sound of my voice, and how sophisticated I sound. I can enjoy it for hours.
Personality Trait: I'd take any opportunity to speak to large groups, and I will not willingly share it.

As mentioned above, I'm still stubborn on making a worthy version of Naberius with little to compare to but the PHB and the old ToM.
I won't go fully into details yet about the thoughts behind this version. For the most part I'm mostly interested in knowing if this is a step in the right direction, or if I need to go back to the drawing board. I'm also open to suggestions as well as constructive critique.

Business is slow, but progress is being made. I'm currently thinking of using a variation of combat superiority that focuses on finesse weapons (but with preset maneuvers, sorry! :X)
I'm building The Dance of Death after a limited/check-requiring form of Haste, and as a thought experiment I'm giving him the cantrip Blade Ward which I imagine that coupled with the former spell could be a cool combo.

Frankly, I don't believe we can have a binder without Amon he's practically the first vestige we meet and appears in multiple Binder pictures. Now for business - the fact that Amon has so few granted abilities makes him require a little more love and creativity on our part. And I'm sort of looking for ideas for new abilities he may have in the new edition. One thing I thought about doing is giving advantage in contest rolls against fiends and celestials (if I recall, shoving a target/bull rushing is a contest ). And that at some high level this advantage will also apply against other binders, making Amon an interesting vestige choice when forced to face one of your own class. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this particular vestige let me know.

Went into the Tomb of horrors and took a Selfie too close to the sphere of annihilation. Didn't go very well but I hope to do better next time. no other news yet!