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    I wanted to save this idea for when Anaximander19 came back, but I don't want to forget it a second time: A friend of mine pointed out an interesting innovation for the 5e binder, which could save us quite a bit of work - the idea is that vestiges of key levels could be exclusively divided into sets that build a common theme for a binder (via subclasses). While keeping some of the other vestiges universal. it might hurt the binder's overall versatility a bit, but it would be in exchange for distinction and color, (plus we would likely need to recreate a lot less vestiges.)
    If this idea takes flight, It would probably help to know from as many pact magic fans who want to help:

    Execution of abilities from 3.5 notwithstanding, What vestiges in the ToM do you want to see in the 5e binder?

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    Not gonna fuss around with quotes, and apologies for the slow reply. Had a lot to do in the previous few days.
    Not offended. Welcome to the club! There's snacks and hot drinks on your left.

    I really like Vicious Mockery for Naberius. As you said, very thematic, and it's a pretty good cantrip with an uncommon damage type and inflicting disadvantage. Seems like Naberius binders can take a kind of support/debuff role in combat with VM and Command, and that's neat.
    I didn't think about psychic damage being uncommon, frankly. Though it did occur to me this was a bard-only cantrip. The desire to use Naberius to magically bark on somebody's ego was too tempting

    Dunno about only one vestige granting extra attacks, but I do think if there are multiple that do then they have to not stack. I do like the idea of "if X conditions are met you get a bonus attack". Maybe give Paimon something along those lines, perhaps something that fits the same kind of role as Mobile? If you hit an enemy, they can't AOO you and you get an attack you can use against a different enemy?
    funny, one of the things I was thinking about was giving the binder a built-in extra attack at level 5 anyway, and having another vestige at a higher level provide the third attack if you wish to focus on being combatant.

    I'm really liking the Naberius rework. Going to go through each feature below:

    It's good if the fluff resembles that of 3.5, or more accurately - resembles that of D&D. I'm less into reinventing what isn't necessary, given the degree that the ToM vestiges pay homage to game's history, or are inspired by real demonological figures. It wouldn't feel right to change that. But I would nevertheless consider the option to reinterpret a vestige if I think it'll help creatively.

    @Leverage, it's either that our expertise, as far as my thought process goes. But I'm not sure a level 1 binder is ready for that yet.

    @DS: it's worth mentioning that this is not a dismissable spell. Once your disguised, you stay disguised for a whole hour. If you need to shake off the disguise, Best you can probably do is replace the illusion. Also - I'm glad I found a good solution, because DS can't be a ritual either! Even though it would have made my life easier...

    Unfortunately I'm not eager to elaborate just yet on persuasive words, but I did just realize that suggestion is but a 2nd level spell now. Will make changes in my notes, if not here yet, later.

    ... Oddly enough, the one ability I was most hesitant about experimenting seems to go unmentioned. I guess that goes to show something about how it blends in.

    Other stuff: I think this new Naberius is certainly a step in the right direction. Keep going with it. Interesting ideas on Paimon as well. My take on his Dance is up above. As for Amon, besides ram horns and fire I'm not sure what direction to go with him. The anti-Binder stuff is an interesting take, especially given his dislike of some other vestiges.
    I'm gonna see what I can do to fine tune Cerberus, here. But he's less of a priority for now since he has better structure than before.

    I'm still thinking about and working on Amon and Paimon, and oddly enough Malphas, as invisibility has a lot of potential, and his affinity for poisonmaking could make him great with the downtime mechanic.
    It also occurred to me that there's a 7th or 8th level vestige that gives you bonuses for using siege weapons at really high levels. It makes me wonder just how necessary this is, and surprised how scattered the binder is compared to what he could be.
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