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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Zahn View Post
    I wanted to save this idea for when Anaximander19 came back, but I don't want to forget it a second time: A friend of mine pointed out an interesting innovation for the 5e binder, which could save us quite a bit of work - the idea is that vestiges of key levels could be exclusively divided into sets that build a common theme for a binder (via subclasses). While keeping some of the other vestiges universal. it might hurt the binder's overall versatility a bit, but it would be in exchange for distinction and color, (plus we would likely need to recreate a lot less vestiges.)
    If this idea takes flight, It would probably help to know from as many pact magic fans who want to help:

    Execution of abilities from 3.5 notwithstanding, What vestiges in the ToM do you want to see in the 5e binder?
    Hm. Not sure how I feel about limiting vestiges via subclass. One of the coolest things about the Binder, IMO, is that crazy versatility that comes with having access to all the vestiges. Would have to see what you have planned for those subclasses, though.

    My current ideas for subclasses are adapting Anima Mage and Knight of the Sacred Seal into individual subclasses (like assassin changed from a prestige class to a rogue subclass), and adding something more "generic" that possibly deals with swapping vestiges, but there's the renegotiation feature now so I dunno about that.

    As for vestiges I'd want to see, there's the aforementioned Otiax, Focalor, and Orthos, as well as Dahlver-Nar and Buer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Zahn View Post
    funny, one of the things I was thinking about was giving the binder a built-in extra attack at level 5 anyway, and having another vestige at a higher level provide the third attack if you wish to focus on being combatant.
    I'd support giving Binder a second attack at 5. There are enough vestiges that buff combat to set a precedent for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Zahn View Post
    ... Oddly enough, the one ability I was most hesitant about experimenting seems to go unmentioned. I guess that goes to show something about how it blends in.
    Shoot, I forgot to mention that. Noble Bloodhound seems interesting, and I could certainly think up uses for it. Pretty Naberius-themed, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Zahn View Post
    It also occurred to me that there's a 7th or 8th level vestige that gives you bonuses for using siege weapons at really high levels. It makes me wonder just how necessary this is, and surprised how scattered the binder is compared to what he could be.
    Which one? Can't seem to find it. Thought it might've been Halphax, but it isn't.
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