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    My promised conversion, a bit late.

    PACT DC: 22
    The Angel in the Angle

    Spoiler: Halphax
    Special Requirement: You must draw the seal of Halphax in a corner of a building or other structure.
    Manifestation: When Halphax manifests, the corner in which he was summoned appears to warp, growing deeper and extending to what appears to be an infinite distance beyond the limits of the structure. In that distance, a figure appears, and suddenly the distance closes, bringing Halphax into his seal. Halphax always takes the form of a gnome wearing leather breeches and a vest, both of which are covered in pockets and loops for holding tools and items. The tools of an engineer hang from his belt, and he usually appears in a posture of boredom, hands in his pockets. Halphax’s most striking feature is that he seems to have no flesh and bone beneath his clothes—only broken bits of stone and masonry. The shattered features of bas-reliefs and gargoyles make up his face.
    Sign: Your body takes on the appearance of cracked stone.
    Influence: In his time as a vestige, Halphax seems to have lost all memory of his life as well as any feeling of guilt or shame for his actions. Thus, when you are under his influence, you lose any normal sense of shame or embarrassment. However, if someone threatens a hostage you care about—be it a creature or an item—Halphax requires that you accede to the hostage taker’s demands.

    Granted Powers:

    Stone Skin: While bound to Halphax you have resistance to piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing damage.

    Halphax's Knowledge: You gain your proficiency bonus to skill checks about architecture, buildings, and so on.

    Imprison: You can imprison a foe deep underground with but a touch. This acts as the imprisonment spell (PHB page 252) You can only choose the burial or hedge prison options. You can use this ability once per long rest. Spell save DC is equal to 8+ your proficiency bonus+ your charisma modifier.

    Iron Wall: You can create a wall of iron at-will. This acts as wall of force. You can have a maximum of 5 walls at a time.

    Secure Shelter: Once per short rest you can cast Leomund's tiny hut.

    How did I do?
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    Binders are fun!
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