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    Quote Originally Posted by Amphetryon View Post
    Permission granted, because I am intrigued.
    So this is 100% inspired by your avatar and is a real shot in the dark as to what sort of Hexblade you like and what sort of way you take it thematically but once I had the idea in my head I had to finish it.

    Outclan Cursebearer

    Sometimes a dwarf does some action which is viewed as so abhorrent by their people that they are cast out from their clan and ritualistically stripped of their status as a dwarf. Exiled to the outskirts of dwarven cities, some of these outcasts turn to dark arts which no dwarf would consider. Through dark magic they create a mutualistic relationship with a curse, allowing it to grow within them. Dwarves fear these cursebearers, knowing their very existence to be blighted and a danger to all who near them, yet their power in battle makes them valuable. Some Outclan Cursebearers live on in the outskirts of dwarven communities, allowed to live almost within sight of their loved ones in exchange for serving as expendable shock troops against the forces that besiege the dwarves from deep beneath the earth. Others leave the dwarven lands behind completely wandering the wilderness as hermits, or traveling to the human lands as mercenaries.


    To become an Outclan Cursebearer one must first be a dwarf. Then one must be dishonored and exiled from their people and stripped of the title of dwarf. Following this they must perform a ritual allowing an ancient curse to take root in their very soul, becoming its vessel. This last is the hardest of the three. Most Cursebearers tell that it came to them in their dreams, that they simply followed the motions, knowing that power lay at the end, if they were willing to meet its cost. Of course it is theoretically possible to do things in a different order, performing the ancient ritual and getting exiled from your race for doing so, but few dwarves choose such a drastic option for power.

    Race: Dwarf.
    Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) 8 ranks.
    Spellcasting: Ability to cast a first level arcane spell from the Necromancy school.
    Special: Mettle or Great Fortitude.
    Special: Must have been cast out of the dwarven people for your actions.
    Special: Must perform a ritual to allow an ancient curse to use your body as a host. The above requirements are the requirements to perform the ritual, and it also costs 100 GP in rare reagents and ingredients, as well as the blood sacrifice of one living creature of medium size or greater. If any of these requirements are lacking, save the spellcasting, the ritual fails fatally to its practitioner, if the spellcasting is lacking the ritual simply fails.

    Class Skills
    The following skills are class skills for the Outclan Cursebearer and their key ability scores: Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Knowledge (the Planes) (Int), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int).
    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

    Hit Dice: d10

    Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
    Spells per Day
    1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
    Accelerated Aging, Armored Mage (medium), Bloody Strike 2 1 - - - -
    Curse's Eyes, Unnerving Presence 2 2 0 - - -
    Advanced Learning, Hollowed Spirit, Living Blight 3 2 1 - - -
    Armored Mage (Heavy), Erode Life, Hexing Edge 1/day 3 2 2 - - -
    Nature of Power, Plague Bearer 3 2 2 1 - -
    Advanced Learning, Curse Reins, Dispationate Detachment 3 3 2 2 - -
    Greater Erode Life, Hexing Edge 2/day 4 3 2 2 1 -
    Cursed Nexus, Reactive Curse 4 3 3 2 2 -
    Advanced Learning, Greater Unnerving Presence 4 4 3 2 2 1
    Hexing Edge 3/day, Hungry for Life, Unbound by Death 4 4 3 3 2 2

    Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: An Outclan Cursebearer gains proficiency in all weapons with dwarf or dwarven in their name and in light, medium, and heavy armor including battle plate, interlocking plate, interlocking scale, and mountain plate, as well as shields.

    Note on Familiars: For all of an Outclan Cursebearer's class features which affect creatures within an area their familiar (if any) is considered themselves.

    Spellcasting: An Outclan Cursebearer casts arcane spells, which are drawn from the Outclan Cursebearerís spell list (see below). Like a sorcerer, they can cast any spell they know without preparing it ahead of time. When an Outclan Cursebearer gains access to a new level of spells, they automatically know all the spells for that level given on the Outclan Cursebearerís spell list. Outclan Cursebearers also have the option of adding to their existing spell list through their advanced learning ability as they increase in level (see below).

    To cast a spell, an Outclan Cursebearer must have a Charisma score of 10 + the spellís level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against an Outclan Cursebearerís spell is 10 + the spellís level + their Charisma modifier. Like other spellcasters, an Outclan Cursebearer can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Their base daily spell allotment is given in the table above. In addition, they receives bonus spells for a high Charisma score (see Table 1Ė1 on page 8 of the Playerís Handbook).

    Accelerated Aging (Su): The curse within the Outclan Cursebearer must feed upon something to gain the power which allows the Cursebearer to cast spells. An Outclan Cursebearer ages at twice the normal rate.

    Armored Mage: An Outclan Cursebearer learns how to cast arcane spells even in the armor of their excised dwarven heritage. An Outclan Cursebearer suffers no arcane spell failure for wearing light or medium armor; this applies to all arcane spells an Outclan Cursebearer casts regardless of what class granted the spells. Beginning at 4th level an Outclan Cursebearer no longer suffers arcane spell failure for wearing heavy armor or for shields other than tower shields.

    Bloody Strike (Su): An Outclan Cursebearer may feed their curse with their own life force ot stir it into giving extra weight and power to their blows. When an Outclan Cursebearer makes an attack they may, before making their attack roll, choose to pay hit points up to their character level (receiving that amount of damage) and gain a bonus to damage equal to twice that amount. The damage incurred to pay for this ability cannot be reduced in any way and is always lethal regardless of any regeneration the Outclan Cursebearer might possess. If the attack misses this sacrifice of hit points is wasted.

    Curse's Eyes (Su): An Outclan Cursebearer has a mutualistic relationship with a curse of the deep and ancient darkness and attune themselves somewhat with darkness therefore. An Outclan Cursebearer's Darkvision increases by 60-ft and they may see in total magical darkness as if it were shadowy illumination (this is still black and white unless there would normally be light) and magical shadowy illumination as if it were not there at all. An Outclan Cursebearer gains a +3 bonus on Spot and Search checks made in total darkness via their darkvision.

    Unnerving Presence (Su): Animals and similar creatures can sense a wrongness in an Outclan Cursebearer, distrusting and fearing the curse within the outcast dwarf. Beginning at 2nd level any Animal or Magical Beast with 1 or 2 Intelligence within 30-ft of the Outclan Cursebearer with less hit dice than the Outclan Cursebearer must make a Will save (DC 10 + Outclan Cursebearer level + Charisma modifier) or be frightened for as long as it remains within this area and 1 minute thereafter. Animals and Int 1 or 2 Magical Beasts with as many or more hit dice than the Outclan Cursebearer instead simply have their intitial attitude towards the Outclan Cursebearer reduced by 1 grade (to a minimum of Hostile).

    Advanced Learning: At 3rd level, 6th level, and again at 9th level an Outclan Cursebearer selects one enchantment or necromancy spell from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list of any level up to 1 lower than the highest level they may cast and adds it to their spell list.

    Hollowed Spirit: The curse within an Outclan Cursebearer hollows out their very spirit to make room for itself, its power flowing in to replace the lost. This results in an influx of spiritual power and even a certain commanding aura, but leaves the Outclan Cursebearer distant and hard to relate to. Beginning at 3rd level an Outclan Cursebearer gains a +2 bonus to Charisma but suffers a -2 penalty to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Wild Empathy, and any other Charisma check or Charisma based skill check made to influence living creatures except for Intimidate.

    Living Blight (Su): The curse within an Outclan Cursebearer leaks from their body, extending into the world around them. Beginning at 3rd level normal (non creature) plants do not grow while an Outclan Cursebearer is within a mile of them.

    Erode Life (Su): The curse within an Outclan Cursebearer is hungry, sucking life into itself. Beginning at 4th level creatures, including the Outclan Cursebearer, within 30-ft of an Outclan Cursebearer cannot stabilize naturally and require either healing or a heal check to stabilize.

    Hexing Edge: An Outclan Cursebearer can focus their symbiot-curse outwards through their weapons. Beginning at 4th level 1/day an Outclan Cursebearer may upon successfully striking a creature with a melee attack cast a single spell on that creature as a free action. The spell must be cast as an Outclan Cursebearer, must have a range greater than personal, and must have either a target(s) or effect: ray. The Outclan Cursebearer does not need to make any attack rolls to hit the target with this spell and the creature suffers a -2 penalty to their saving throw against the spell or a -4 if they have less hp remaining after the triggering attack than the attack dealt to them. At 7th level an Outclan Cursebearer can use this ability twice per day, and at 10th level an Outclan Cursebearer can use this ability three times per day.

    Nature of Power: An Outclan Cursebearer is granted power by the curse within them, but even as this power flows naturally from its nature they must also direct and guide its energy. Each Outclan Cursebearer is ultimately faced with a choice. At 5th level an Outclan Cursebearer must choose Mind, Death, Travel, or Body and gain an additional the following additional spells to their spell-list based upon the choice.

    1st: Disguise Self, Whelm (PHB2)
    2nd: Hideous Laughter, Hypnotic Pattern
    3rd: Inevitable Defeat (PHB2), Vertigo Field (PHB2)
    4th: Crushing despair, Rainbow Pattern
    5th: Feeblemind, Seeming
    6th: Geas/Quest, Mislead.


    1st: Death's Call (CM), Spirit Worm (SpC)
    2nd: Escalating Enfeeblement (CM), Kelgore's Grave Mist (PHB2)
    3rd: Crown of the Grave (PHB2), Undead Lieutenant (SpC)
    4th: Doom Scarabs (PHB2), Finger of Agony (CM)
    5th: Channeled Lifetheft (CM), Touch of Vecna (CM)
    6th: Finger of Death, Fleshiver (SpC)

    1st: Benign Transposition (SpC), Swim (SpC)
    2nd: Baleful Transposition (SpC), Dimension Hop (PHB2)
    3rd: Dimension Step (PHB2), Phantom Steed
    4th: Dimension Door, Translocation Trick (SpC)
    5th: Teleport, Xorn Movement (SpC)
    6th: Plane Shift, Shadow Walk.

    1st: Enlarge Person, Fist of Stone (SpC)
    2nd: Alter Self, Belker Claws (SpC)
    3rd: Gaseous Form, Evard's Menacing Tentacles (PHB2)
    4th: Baleful Blink (PHB2), Polymorph
    5th: Draconic Might (SpC), Flaying Tentacles (CM)
    6th: Stone Body (SpC), Stone to Flesh

    Plague Bearer (Su): An Outclan Cursebearer's weakens the ability of creatures to fight off even the smallest disease. Beginning at 5th level any creature within 1 mile of an Outclan Cursebearer suffers a -2 on saves against non-magical diseases and any Heal check made to treat such diseases suffers a -4 penalty; the presence of multiple Outclan Cursebearers do not stack for this effect.

    Curse Reins (Su): An Outclan Cursebearer can turn any curse against the creature which bears it, using the curse to hinder and slow the target's motions. Beginning at 6th level an Outclan Cursebearer may, as a swift action, influence a curse upon a creature within 60-ft to inflict a -2 penalty to attack and AC to that creature. For the purposes of this ability a curse is: Any spell effect of the Necromancy school, Geas/Quest, Lesser Geas, a Hexblade's curse, any spell effect cast by an Outclan Cursebearer as an Outclan Cursebearer spell, and the Outclan Cursebearer's Cursed Nexus ability. This penalty lasts as long as the target is cursed and within 60-ft of the Outclan Cursebearer, but ends immediately if the Outclan Cursebearer uses this ability on another creature.

    Dispassionate Detachment: As the curse eats away at an Outclan Cursebearer's very spirit they grow increasingly detached and incapable of normal dwarven feeling. Beginning at 6th level an Outclan Cursebearer is immune to fear, Crushing Despair, Hideous Laughter, Irresistable Dance, and all morale bonuses an Outclan Cursebearer would receive are halved (rounded up).

    Greater Erode Life (Su): As the curse feeds an Outclan Cursebearer more and more power so too does its hunger grow. Beginning at 7th level any living creature within 10-ft of an Outclan Cursebearer other than the Outclan Cursebearer receives 1 damage each round. An Outclan Cursebearer cannot deactivate this ability and it affects friend and foe alike.

    Cursed Nexus (Su): The curse within an Outclan Cursebearer leaks more and more from their body, existing outside of them as a horrible nexus of power. Beginning at 8th level all creatures other than the Outclan Cursebearer within 30-ft of an Outclan Cursebearer suffer a -2 penalty on all saving throws. An Outclan Cursebearer cannot deactivate this ability and it affects friend and foe alike.

    Reactive Curse (Su): The curse within an Outclan Cursebearer grows as protective of them as any animal does of its home. Beginning at 8th level when an Outclan Cursebearer takes damage they may cast a 2nd level or lower spell with a range greater than touch as an immediate action, if they do so the spell must target the source of that damage or be an effect ray which targets the source of that damage, and the Outclan Cursebearer must expend a 2nd slot of the same level.

    Greater Unnerving Presence (Su): As an Outclan Cursebearer's curse reaches its final growth the Outclan Cursebearer is nearly completely hollowed out, leaving those dealing with them the feeling that they are dealing with some dangerous and deadly husk. Creatures with less hit dice than the Outclan Cursebearer within 10-ft of the Outclan Cursebearer must make a Will save (DC 10 + Outclan Cursebearer class level + Charisma modifier) or be shaken for as long as they remain within and 1 minute thereafter. A creature which successfully saves is immune for as long as it remains within this aura and 1 minute thereafter, and a creature which fails and re-enters while the effect is still active upon them does not have to save again but the duration is reset.

    Hungry for Life (Su) At the end of its life cycle the curse shows a certain fondness for the Outclan Cursebearer, knowing that if the cursebearer dies so too does it. A 10th level Outclan Cursebearer may expand the area affected by their Greater Erode Life out to up to 30-ft as a standard action, or reduce down to a minimum of 10-ft as a standard action. In addition an Outclan Cursebearer regains hit points each round equal to the amount of hit points lost by other creatures to the Outclan Cursebearer's Greater Erode Life. If an Outclan Cursebearer is dying their Greater Erode Life automatically extends to its full length.

    Unbound by Death (Su): Full grown the curse within an Outclan Cursebearer is ready, even if unwilling, to explode from them consuming and destroying all nearby and in its death throes spreading its energies letting them seap back into the earth to create a new generation. When a 10th level Outclan Cursebearer dies they may cast up to 3 spells they know with an area of effect. Each spell must be a different spell and must be centered on the Outclan Cursebearer's square. These spells are Widened and Empowered even if the Outclan Cursebearer does not have either of these feats. An Outclan Cursebearer may still be revived normally; in fact the curse while fearing death loves to see their bearer die and return for each such death spreads its seeds. These seeds sink into the earth and forms the next generation of the baleful energies waiting for new hosts or to infect an unwilling creature.

    Outclan Cursebearer Spell List

    Level 1 Spells
    Cause Feat
    Charm Person
    Chill Touch
    Detect Magic
    Detect Undead
    Entropic Shield
    Expeditious Retreat
    Magic Weapon
    Phantom Threat
    Protection from Good/Law
    Ray of Enfeeblement
    Read Magic
    Hideous Laughter
    undetectable Alignment
    Unseen Servant

    Level 2 Spells
    Bull's Strength
    Command Undead
    Eagle's Splendor
    False Life
    Mirror Image
    Protection from Arrows
    Resist Energy
    See Invisibility
    Spider Climb
    Summon Swarm
    Touch of Idiocy

    Level 3 Spells
    Animate Dead
    Arcane Sight
    Deep Slumber
    Dispel Magic
    Hound of Doom
    Invisibility Sphere
    Magic Weapon, Greater
    Protection from Energy
    Ray of Exhaustion
    Stinking Cloud
    Vampiric Touch
    Wind Wall

    Level 4 Spells
    Bestow Curse
    Charm Monster
    Cursed Blade
    Detect Scrying
    Invisibility, Greater
    Phantasmal Killer
    Solid Fog

    Level 5 Spells
    Baleful Polymorph
    Break Enchantment
    Dominate Person
    Faithful Hound
    Overland Flight
    Slay Living
    Waves of Fatigue

    Level 6 Spells
    Bestow Curse, Greater
    Create Undead
    Dispel Magic, Greater
    Suggestion, Mass
    True Seeing
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