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Thread: [PEACH] Binder class (WIP)

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    First of all, welcome back Anaxi! You had me worried

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Doctor View Post
    My promised conversion, a bit late.

    PACT DC: 22
    The Angel in the Angle
    How did I do?
    Might I make a suggestion to spoiler vestiges, so they take less space? I feel they can take up quite a bit of space.

    That's kind of funny, Doctor, how just the other night I was looking up siege weapons in the DMG, thinking of what I can do with the exact same vestige

    • I'm at work at the moment, so I don't really have the means to compare with the books today. Here are my thoughts on Halphax:
    • Tbh I wanted to save broadly applicable perception benefits and the like to a vestige like Dantalion, or Geryon(was it Geryon? The one with all-around vision!)
    • As a ninth level vestige, I think he can afford some more powerful tools - resistance to weapon damage is something for lower level vestiges I think, perhaps I'm wrong, though.
    • I don't think we need heavy limits on Wall of Force for a 17th or higher level binder. Perhaps we could make it an at-Will ability, but place a cap on how many walls he can have up at once? As of late I'm experimenting with caps for vestiges vestige bound, though I think the best is to rely on reason/common sense to triumph in the end.
    • Fluff speaking I have little to say - it seems closer to the original than it is to any adaptation. We're currently using temporarily-imposed traits/ideals/bonds/flaws as of right now to portray a vestige's influence, as opposed to outright blackmailing the 5e binder when making decisions.
    • Adding proficiency to skills is an iffy decision. inb4 the Binder's
    • 4 or 5 vestiges can mean having 10 or more different skill proficiencies, more than even a rogue optimized for skill proficiencies can ever get (feats notwithstanding). Long story short, granting skill proficiencies is a difficult thing to balance when we make so many moving parts, I suggest giving benefits by other means if necessary.
    • Also, the core books suggest keeping flat bonuses to a minimum, and +6 is a ton.
    • I think imprisonment is a great ability to play with at these levels. Can't think of more to say about it yet

      What I envisioned for Halphax was lowering him to mid/mid-high level making him a sort of war-machines-and-certain-traps-based-battlefield controller.

      Overall, Doctor, it's a good base mostly just needs to be synced with our discussion notes. I'll be happy to work with you further on Halphax, as well as others if you want. I figure I could use a set of Gallifreyan hands on a few vestiges
      @Spiriah you're invited too, especially with Anaxi back, we can make a little team out of it!

      I'll try to find a time soon to put up some of my ideas... I've been busy.
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