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    Would you guys mid if I suggest a new template to replace the original one? I know it's a guideline, but we saw it can be pretty dysfunctional.

    This is what I used to build Naberius, hopefully it'll be a little more up to speed with current notes. I encourage deviation from the template if you feel it's needed:
    Spoiler: Vestige Template v0.2
    ___ Level vestige
    Granted Abilities: the section below. at least one of these abilities should be unique and exclusive to the binder.

    Any tools, armor, weapons, or languages (but not secret languages) necessary to make use of the class, avoid skill proficiencies at all costs! Those are a rare and valuable commodity to obtain, and given the class has so many moving parts and so much that could go wrong, it is best steer clear of it and trust the binder can manage with the default number of skills like most everyone else.

    1 Ribbon, and/or advantage on theme-appropriate or specific checks. this also includes secret languages but is not limited to it.

    1 situational feature, ideally offering versatility. Some more powerful vestiges may have a safety-net ability instead (I.e. abilities like the Monk's perfect Self, that you can rely on to get you through an adventuring day easier, or aid to your general survivability/stamina.)

    1 at-will ability or cantrip of the appropriate level. Or 2 for 1st level a rule of thumb, it should be reliable, but nothing really abusable.

    2 once-per-short-or-long-rest abilities/features, (or spells,) that are level appropriate for the binder's level. One of which can get stronger or be used again at higher levels. high-level vestiges may get an ability that renews when rolling initiative instead.

    Roughly 2 reasonably-sized paragraphs in italics containing a retelling of the legend, notable factors that can influence the binding check with the vestige and any miscellaneous information that involves forming a pact with the vestige, as well as the following phrase and table:

    If you make a poor pact with _______, s/he may influence your personality in one of the following ways:

    (Personality Trait/Ideal/Bond/Flaw) (influence A)
    (Personality Trait/Ideal/Bond/Flaw:) (Influence B)

    I'm wicked tired though rightnnow, I'll get some real work and bigger thoughts done tomorrow, I just thought this might help if anyone wanted to start working on their own vestiges and wants to try my method, but in the end, it's all trial and error.
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