I might have misspoke, though I'm my defense it was past 1AM when a I last posted
I'd like to change saying 2 exclusives, in my reality these subclasses won't offer more than 4 vestiges between levels 2/3 and 9, and I myself am considering if they all need to be exclusive, or some are more easily obtained, of if I should take an Eldritch Blast-inspired route, and incentivize binding these certain vestiges (In which case only the stars Dantalion, Tenebrous and Zagan would have their respective pledges as a prerequisite/special requirement). The subclasses themselves will likely work around the levels you used, if those are the levels you need.

I love the idea of plot-hooking vestiges. Harder to go wrong building upon what people have already been doing anyway.

Based on what I remember from the old "make a vestige" articles, the binding DC could be mostly based on how often we want a given vestige's sign and influence to come into play. I don't know if that's what you want to do, but it sounds like a simpler approach :3

Where do you stand on free extra attack at binder 5, Anaxi?

I should mention, I agree that while the binder might start her path as mundane among mortal the binder should relinquish any right to the label "commoner" within the first 3 levels, with or without his vestiges. it's because of this I aim that my pledges/cults/??? Would give the binder abilities that would be handy in general, but better when bound to any of these vestiges, which is a lot easier to coordinate when you
Build it all from scratch

@the warlock pact: I love the warlock, I love the binder, but I feel going by that approach is "versatility overkill" gotta keep it simple enough not to overwhelm novice players