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Ooh, likening it to Eldritch Blast gives me an idea... If we do have subclasses based around particular vestiges, then they could offer vestige-specific pact augmentations just like how warlocks get invocations that are restricted to a particular pact or patron. So, while the other pact augmentations require you to have a vestige bound to make them work, these ones would need a specific vestige, not just any one.

(On a related note, I've been thinking of having pact augmentations that require a vestige of a certain level, rather than any vestige. Thoughts?)
The way I'm thinking of my archetypes is that binding with any of an archetype's vestiges let's you enjoy a unique pact augmentation (i.e. Pledge/Cult of the Prince might have access to a PA that works like–/in sync with– darkness, and the grouped vestiges get an upper hand with it. I have a few ideas already. But save room for me to implement Darkness for now.
vestige level seems like a handy prereq for stronger PAs that would be abusable if over-taken. Let's be a little careful not to step on eachother's toes if possible.

All I'm saying is that given what we have so far, what does a binder without vestiges have over a commoner? I guess their ability scores are above commoner level, and the HP they get at each level, and the base proficiencies they get at 1st level, but other than that... nothing. No vestiges means no pact augmentations, so not even those. Maybe some feats, if the DM is allowing feats (so easy to forget they're a variant rule in 5e, after feat-heavy 3.5). Thus, I want to give it some features that don't rely on vestiges at all.
Inb4: where do you stand on giving Extra Attack at Binder 5?

I respect the notion, I'm just less keen on the proposed execution (unfettered Binder seems fine at a glance, haven't got to thoroughly inspect it. We have creative differences over the exact execution, despite our ideas comparable :3.
No feats - it's an optional rule I don't want to depend on. >_<

I'm so torn between the two options, I might end up just finishing the three I posted, then building your vestige-set idea, and presenting both for people to choose from. They're so different, I think there's totally room for both. In fact, I have ideas for two other things that use vestiges; at one point "binder" was going to be a subclass of something else, but really the other two subclasses from that idea could be full classes of their own. In time, vestiges could be a common feature of multiple classes, so that vestige/pact magic is an actual group just like arcane magic and divine magic, rather than just a thing that one class does... But that's something for another day
I liked everything you said here, especially about our archetypes potentially co-existing. I'll try not to step on your toes. Mind you the warped Binder's sign weapons should at at least have a more powerful damage die than Amon's Ram horns, which I can't decide if it's a d6 or d8.