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    Eternal rivalry looks good, though "not bound to Amon" could be added in; how can Amon be a rival with himself?

    I can't think of any more abilities; I've used up all of the existing ones already.

    I should probably wait until I fix my other vestiges to post a new one, but meh.

    Spoiler: Primus, the One and Prime

    The One and Prime
    3rd Level vestige
    DC: 15
    Sign: Dozens of small patches of skin on the binderís legs and arms become gold, silver, and bronze. These randomly placed metal plates take the shape of well-formed squares, equilateral triangles, hexagons, and other geometric shapes. These pieces of metal do not odder any bonus or inhibit the character in anyway. If removed, they revert to bloody flaps of flesh.
    Manifestation: When Primus begins to appear, its seal seems to rise up as a floating platform and become a bronze gear with dozens of smaller cogs and mechanisms within, all whirring and clicking as they turn. A yellow glow shines up from the ground and through the gears, dimming slightly just before Primus appears in a burst of rainbow light
    Primus stands fully 10 feet tall atop the floating gear-work, its lower body merging with the glow that rises from the floor. Humanoid in shape, Primusís genderless body seems to be made of solid gold.
    Primus stands silently and impassively, saying nothing, itís face devoid of all features. When the binder at last decides to say something, Primus suddenly speaks, its voice sounding hollow and cold, ďWho summons us?Ē
    Once uttered two holes open on Primusís blank visage where eyes should be, and each dark void spills black fluid down Primusís face. Where the liquid flows, the vestigeís golden body sizzles away in then layers, as through Primusís tears burn away its body. No matter how deep the channels this darkness creates grow, Primus never flinches.

    Granted Abilities:
    Divine Structure: If an enemy attacks you with the same action that it used to attack you in in the previous round, it must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 8+your proficiency bonus +your Charisma modifier) or take 2d6 radiant damage. However if you attack with the same action that you used last round, you gain a +1 bonus to your attack roll or save DC.

    Lawful Presence: If a creature within 5 feet of you would break the law, it must make a Constitution saving throw (DC as Divine Structure) or fall prone. This power's effects are nullified if they are exploiting a loophole, even if they are not aware of it.

    Order of Primus: You can use the command spell once per short rest. Targets that fail their saving throw treat you as being under the effects of the invisibility and silence spells as well; they cannot see or hear you. This effect lasts 1d4 rounds or until you attack them. Starting at 18th level you can use this ability at will.

    Spoiler: Spoilered for Length
    According to obscure planar lore, Primus was a being of law so ordered that none but itís race of servantsóstrange creatures know as modronsócould bear to worship it. Beings of pure order, dedicated to advancing precision and structure throughout the multiverse, the modrons obey Primus as their god and master. The one and the Prime represented the raceís most absolute ideal of perfect logic, its every command trickling down through an impossibly complex chain of lieutenants, sub-chiefs, executors, and managers to reach the ears of every being in itís service. Thus, the modrons worked order upon the multiverse, and the word of Primus was that order.
    In the far-flung reaches of Mechanus, on the sixty-four modron-controlled cogs known as Regulus, there exists a fantastically complex clock-work fortress known as the Great Modron Cathedral. From this throne Primus dictated the path of each of its followers. To aid its reasoning, great knowledge constantly streamed into Primusís cathedral and powerful magical creations, forged from the perfectly attuned gears of the plane, offered windows onto the whole of the multiverse. One of these magics was the Grand Orrery, an unfathomably intricate device that measured the shifting of power, planes, and planets, deducing their cosmic and multiplanar meanings. A cadre of majordomos reported the Grand Orreryís telling directly to Primus, as well as happenings relayed to them in turn from networks of agents stretched across the multiverse. At the same time, Primus personally monitored its minions employing another powerful device known as the Infinity Web. Through this waxy confluence of cords and strands, Primusís consciousness stretched through its subordinate modrons, witnessing events throughout infinite realities. Thus, the One and the Prime observed as much as any deity and more.
    It was the information that spiraled around the modron throne, the prophecies and reports of the Grand Orrery and the Infinity Web, that led to Primusís end. Seated as he was at the hub of the largest network of information in the multiverse there were those who envied Primusís Knowledge.
    Thus, when the demon prince Orcus, as his shadow-self Tenebrous, carved his bloody path through the planes on his unholy quest for divinity, Primus became one of the first casualties. Seeking his lost rod, Tenebrous infiltrated the One and the Primeís sanctuary and ended the incredulous being with a killing word, adopting its form to bend its intelligence network and legions of servants to his foul purposes. Countless modrons were lost obeying Tenebrousís cruel whims and when the would-be god gleaned all he desired, he cast off his facade and left the modron hierarchy in shambles.
    With the loss of their god and leader, a member of Primusís most immediate lieutenantsóthe Secundusó took up the mantle of the Supreme Modron. This new Primus seeing its people crippled, its cathedral invaded, and its magic corrupted, turned its raceís attentions inward, calling all modron survivors back to Regulus and sealing the borders. Since that time few modrons have been seen throughout the multiverse and their current actions remain mysterious.
    Yet despite the former Primusís apparent destruction, a being whose consciousness stretches across planes cannot so easily be destroyed. From the minds and memories of thousands of tormented modrons on contact with it at the moment of its destruction, a vestige of the old Primus arose. While logic, law, and a structured multiverse once dictated its every action, a new directive now inspires this methodical ghost of order: the destruction of Tenebrous and all similar beings of chaos.
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