First of all,I call dibs on Tebrous and Malphas. It's nothing personal, I just already have some stuff on them and wish to handle them personally.

I will look at primus later, though I don't think I heard of him before... What source is it from?

Also, I created a monster killing machinevestige! one we've been waiting to see for a while, I think.
Spoiler: Paimon (Zansy)
The Dancer
3rd level Vestige
Sign:*while bound to Paimon, your mouth can grin (or frown) wider on one side than normally possible.*

Weapons: Rapiers, Shortswords.

you know the Blade Ward*Cantrip, and can cast it at will.

While wielding a finesse weapon, You have advantage on all Dexterity (Acrobatics) and Charisma (Performance) made to dance, tumble or whirl.

Paimon understands the value of magic spells as an art not too distinct from swordplay. If you wield a weapon that has the Finesse property in your hand, you can use it as a spellcasting focus for any spell or cantrip you learn from a vestige.

*When bound to a pact with Paimon, you know maneuvers that are fueled by special dice called superiority Dice.
Maneuvers: you learn the Sweeping Attack*and Lunging Attack*maneuvers.
Superiority Dice. you gain 3 superiority dice, which are d6s. A superiority die is expended when you use it. You regain all of your expended superiority dice once you finish a short or long rest.
You gain another superiority die at 13th level.
In addition, A binder who gains the Combat superiority class feature by other means (such as by multiclassing) receives d8s instead (or d10s, if she has the improved combat superiority class feature).

While you are bound to Paimon, you can dance and destroy like a rampant whirlwind. You know the spell Haste, and can cast it on yourself by making a special DC 14 Charisma(performance) instead of expending a spell slot. though in addition to concentrating on Haste, you need to spend a bonus action to roll another DC 14 Charisma (Performance) check each round to sustain the effect. The spell otherwise lasts and functions as normal. You can perform the Dance of Death once, and once more at 14th level, before requiring a short or long rest in order to cast it again.

Spoiler: Lore, partially edited
Though no one knows for certain where the legend originated from, Few binders live their life without knowing the tragic Paimon's tale. In his time, Paimon was an infamous Casanova who seduced and danced with noblewomen at every ball, and defeat their jealous suitors with his swordplay. One day, he crossed an unusually cruel nobleman, usually told to be human or elf, who challenged him many times, but could never trump Paimon's swordsmanship. Paimon had publicly humiliated on multiple occasions, he assembled the many suitors who's women were romanced by Paimon, when, that night, the men assaulted the philanderer, slicing his sword arm as a warning. It did not discourage Paimon though, as he returned covered by the next gala with a gem-encrusted hand made of solid gold, which he could replace with a rapier blade, ready to pay back his rivals, and even fought and humiliated the man who led the attack, his sparing his life because the woman they both sought after requested a dance from Paimon. Paimon's adversary was only driven further by his thirst for vengeance, him and his peers captured Paimon, slicing off all four of his limbs and replaced them with sword blades, jeering at him and daring him to return to society looking as he did before leaving him to die on the outskirts of town. At the next royal ball, many were wondering where the charming rake may have disappeared to, much to his adversary and his accomplices hidden delight. Then, a tall, well-shrouded figure appeared among of the dancers, and spun impossibly fast, Paimon's adversary was outraged by the disturbance and tore away the figure's cloth to discover paimon's torso balanced upon the bleeding sword blades he uses for limbs, staring at his adversary with dead eyes and a slanted face. A woman screamed at the sight of the monster he became, and the once-charming swordsman faded away to dust, leaving only the traces of blood across the ballroom. His body was never found, but a trail of blood and blade marks were found* across the town. Apparently Paimon was alive but gone—banished by the scream of a woman.

When Paimon Manifests, he often demonstrates himself as a romantic and a ladies' man, occasionallyoffering love advice to men, but is far more polite to women. He likes it his binders to exude confidence, and sympathizes with those who's trust has been betrayed.
Paimon might impose disadvantage on your check to bind him if you are hesitant when speaking to him, or if he suspects you would use his powers to harm a creature of the opposite sex, or assault a performer. That being said, Paimon might offer advantage on the check instead if he is convinced you will use his powers to take vengeance or reclaim a loved one.

If you make a poor pact with Paimon, he influences your personality in one of the following ways:
Personality Trait: The first thing I would do when I arrive at a new place is to court a fair damsel.
flaw: I can not resist the allure of music and dancing.

I hope this Paimon isn't overkill, it's mostly a lot of stuff I thought can fit, or would go well together.