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    I'm gonna introduce Lord Apfel, Emperor Hailing's second-in-command.

    Emperor Apfel

    Age: 70s (Physically 25)
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 241 lbs
    Species: Incirrian
    Station: Emperor of the Arcosian Empire


    Apfel is covered in violet skin with whiter spots spots. He is rarely seen without a sharp white Imperial military uniform showing his honors and decorations.


    Defined by decades of living within the decadence of the Imperial government, Apfel is tempered by a distaste towards the status-quo and a desire to make the known universe a better, safer, and more importantly, saner place. A nonviolent person at heart, he is nontheless not hesitant to fight to defend others or to kill when necessary, but greatly prefers to, if possible, to de-escalate and talk down certain situations.


    The current Emperor comes from a bloodline whose ancestry traces back 500 years ago to an unknown being mixed with Incirrian heritage. Though its identity is unknown, it has given Apfel's bloodline, including himself, precognitive abilities, among other things.

    Apfel was one of the mightiest warriors in the Cirran Royal Guard and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of its most powerful generals. When it became known the Arcosian Empire would soon reach the Homeworld, Apfel betrayed his king, installing himself as Regent in the week, and preparing Cirran for annexation into the Arcosian Empire. When Hailing himself landed on Cirran, Apfel knelt at his feet. His wife Traube attempted to kill Hailing, but was quickly and easily overpowered, and Apfel was forced to murder her as a proof of loyalty, which he did.

    Since then Apfel has become Planetary Governor, and rose through the ranks in the Imperial Bureaucracy until he became Segmentum Governor, second only to the Emperor in power, and even earned the title of Emperor's Hand at one point in his career, effectively making him second-in-command of the Empire itself.

    He met the Rebel Alliance on Plant, and used his precognitive abilities to sense Plant's destruction, where he worked with the Tuffles and the Rebel Alliance to safely evacuate the world and its entire population before Hailing was able to destroy it. Since then he joined with the RA and helped them defeat Hailing, who had previously orchestrated and planned his own ascent to the throne of the Arcosian Empire.

    Story So Far:
    His plans thus far consist of disempowering the Arcosian Empire, demilitarizing it, and dissolving it into its component regions with Planetary Governors, Sector Lords, and Subsector Governors wielding sovereign power, wherever appropriate.

    Currently the Empire is at half its prior size, with the lost territory broken up into hundreds of smaller stellar nations.


    Base: 15,000,000
    Awakened Level: (Imperfect Cell)

    An expert martial artist and ki-user, Apfel's technique emphasizes quick and precise attacks. Many of his ki-blasts are thin but very powerful and accurate needles.

    King's Lance: A needle-thin beam of highly concentrated energy shot outwards in a vector with extreme accuracy over long distances. Apfel is able to snipe people through planets, the beam burrowing through a world, with this technique.
    Royal Shield: A powerful energy-barrier materializes in front of Apfel to block attacks. Designed to block others' ki attacks as well as physical attacks.
    Royal Shield - Assault: A variation of the Royal Shield, where the energy barrier shoots outwards from Apfel's hand. Intended to knock back enemies.
    Royal Shield - Phalanx: A second variation that encloses Apfel completely in a ball of multiple, overlapping Royal Shields for omnidirectional protection.
    World Blade: Apfel's signature move. A razor-thin, vibrating blade of ki extends from Apfel's hand. By all accounts, Apfel is a master fencer with this blade and is able to protect himself from other ki-attacks with it. He is also able to extend the blade to seemingly no limit, though the longer the blade the greater the energy expenditure. He has been seen literally cleaving worlds in half with this attack, giving it the moniker of "World Blade."
    An Attack Apfel Would Never Use: A massive violet ki-wave erupts out from Apfel's fingertips. Roughly equivalent to a kamehameha. Only ever used this against Emperor Hailing's World Hammer as part of a team attack.

    Telekinesis: Apfel is able to project his ki outwards on to multiple objects, and control them as he would his own energy.

    Telepathy: At some point during his reign as Emperor, he expanded his use of psychic abilities, gaining the ability to communicate with others telepathically, and read their minds, should he choose to do so.
    Emperor's Disdain: A purely psychic attack, Apfel transmits vast amounts of sensory information, including fictional and theoretical data, in the form of a 'psychic scream,' directly into a target's mind. The effect is weakened if divided amongst normal targets. The attack is purely mental and causes no physical damage, though some might suffer physiological effects such as falling unconscious or suffering a heart-attack from the attack.

    Precognition: The Incirrian can detect the future to a limited degree, sensing incoming attacks and danger he is otherwise unaware of, in addition to knowing when someone is not telling the truth.

    Awakened Form: An ability unique to Apfel's bloodline. Apfel's senses are awakened to the fourth and fifth temporal dimensions, allowing him to perceiveall possible futures as easily as one sees their current surroundings, giving him unsurpassed precognitive abilities, as well as increasing his power by 50x. The power boost is purely psychic, so Apfel can remain in this form indefinitely, if he so chooses. His appearance remains the same, save that silvery halos of light radiate outward from behind his head.

    Other information:

    Apfel has relocated the Imperial capital to Belilly and now resides there.
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