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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Primus? He's from that PDF I gave you a link to, Zahn.

    I think next I might do Astaroth, but I'm not sure.

    Also, I'm feeling silly.

    Spoiler: Open for silliness

    Lord of Powergamers
    Level: You tell me!
    DC: You tell me!
    Sign: A d20 is always visible about your person, such as in your free hand, stitched onto a coat button or around your neck on a chain. This d20 appears to move when viewed casually, but is mysteriously normal when scrutinized. Any attempt to hide it causes it to slip between the capturing surfaces and roll onto a free space on the binder. If removed by another person, it vanishes as soon as they let it out of their sight and turns up somewhere on the binder.
    Manifestation: Pun-Pun creeps cautiously into his seal, looking around in a worried way. Suddenly, a massive snake rears up from under the seal, carrying Pun-Pun on it's head. As it rears up out of sight, it begins to shrink again, stamped down by the clawed foot of a colossal Kobold. Pun-Pun begins to shrink as his foot nears the ground and he comes down a stronger, more confident scaly runt than he was before. When he addresses the binder, his voice echoes with Divine power, though his confidence and great paragon body fade away moments before he does, and as he creeps from his seal he gives the binder a look of the great fear that only a godmade-mortal can know.
    Granted Abilities:
    Near-Infinite Stat: While bound to Pun-Pun you can increase your stats. Doing so increases the stat of your choice by 2 points for 1 round. In a non-combat situation this is increased to the duration of 1 ability or skill check. You can use this ability once per short rest.

    Powergame: While bound to Pun-Pun, you may swap one of the features of the binder subclass you posess for another of the same level.

    Awesome: While bound to Pun-Pun you possess an aura of unstopability. This manifests as a +2 bonus to AC and a +1 bonus to all saving throws.

    Divine Squirrels: By hurling the d20 that is Pun-Pun's sign at a target, you sic a celestial squirrel on them. Use the stats for a panther [because I suck at creating custom monster stats]. The squirrel lasts for half your level in rounds (minimum 3), has its own initiative count, and acts according to your bidding.

    Pun-Pun the Kobold was a creation of the Dungeons and Dragons community, a deity brought into his brief existence by a flare of awed respect for both Pun-Pun and his designer, Khan the Destroyer. Pun-Pun's glory was short-lived, however, as his ruse was soon discovered and Pun-Pun's font of divinity mocked him for the powergamer that he was. However, despite his attempting to immolate himself with the last shred of his power, Pun-Pun lives on as a vestige in much the same way Tenebrous does, as a memory in the coding of the boards and in the minds of players everywhere.
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    Sometimes it's easy to forget this isn't for 3.5 anymore #Shocking revelation.
    Binders are fun!
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