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    Default Diverse Training - Multiclass in a feat v3

    So, after trying my hand at fiddling with Pathfinder multiclassing here and here I think I managed to craft something actually usable.

    Diverse Training
    Character level 3rd, two levels in the chosen class
    Benefit: Pick a base class other than the one you took at this level. You immediately gain a level in that class and apply it to one of your already existing Hit Die. You gain the class abilities as if that level was taken in both the original and the new class.
    Choose the better of your Hit Dice, Saves and BAB (Fractional Bonuses Variant: Take the average of both).
    If both classes on that Hit Die grant spellcasting, you must choose which one you will apply - for example a Wizard3 choosing Cleric as his Diverse Training feat must choose if he wants to cast as a Wizard 3 or Wizard2/Cleric 1. Whatever the choice, they still gain an increase in their effective Wizard level for their class abilities' progression and the Cleric's proficiencies, Domains and Channel Energy.

    Special: You may take this feat up to five times. You don't have to pick the same class every time you take it.

    And a Trait:

    Knack [Racial, Half-Elf]
    Benefit: Pick one of your favoured classes. For the purposes of existing class features other than spellcasting, caster level, manifesting and so on, you may add two to your class level, as long as this doesn't make your effective class level higher than your current Hit Dice.

    Soooo... that's it. Mini-gestalt, more or less. High-powered feat option that grants arguably more than Variant Multiclassing at its strongest but doesn't scale with anything. Might cut out spellcasting completely from the feat or something.
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