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    Aww, really?

    Hah. Speaking of Funny Things...

    Spoiler: Open for Moar Funniness

    Avatar of Puppets
    1st Level vestige
    DC: 15
    Sign: One of your hands has a green hand puppet in the likeness of a clown attached to it. The clown is holding a banjo, and it is perpetually strumming. It can be passed off as a normal hand puppet, or taken off and hidden.
    Manifestation: Kneeling in front of the circle of Banjo you hear a strange strumming noise as the song starts up. This banjo music has been known to cause grown men to wince and panic as it strikes some strange chord within them. An irresistible urge to place one's arm within the summoning circle arises and Banjo appears on the end of the binders arm strumming his banjo with an evil look in his eye. Negotiations are very often swift with the binder promising to find Banjo worshipers and to promote the agenda of puppets. Withdrawing the arm Banjo exits his sign and becomes mostly a simple hand puppet.
    Granted Abilities:
    Banjelic Seduction: While you use Banjo as a ventriloquist puppet (even if it is blatantly obvious it is you) you gain a bonus to all Charisma based checks equal to half your proficiency bonus.
    Friends in High Places: All gods love Banjo, even if they don't know it. Whenever you would be reduced below 0 hitpoints by a spell or other effect that allows a saving throw, you are allowed one reroll on your saving throw. When you would be reduced below 0 by a weapon or other damage, the damage is rerolled and the lower number is used. Once you have used this feature you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.
    Chords of Terror: Once per short rest as an action, you can cause fear in those within 30 feet. Those in range must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8+Proficiency bonus+charisma modifier) or be stunned for one round. For some reason, males take a -1 penalty to the saving throw.
    Wrath of Banjo: Once per long rest, you can use the Paladin's "Divine Smite" ability.
    PACT INFORMATION: The mystery of the cult of Banjo has been lost to the mists of time. But it was said that a powerful and charismatic bard inspired a song so perfect that his banjo became sentient to carry on the song for all time. The song's pure dulcet tones inspired worship from all who heard its sweet melody and raised the instrument to divinity. Using a small hand puppet to personify a banjo player and to be its avatar, Banjo went on to gather followers across the world. However due to a horrible fragmenting of the religion and defections from within, and a faulty coffee maker, Banjo's worship fell. At last no one was left but the bard who originally inspired the song, and even he forgot Banjo in pursuit of something shiny.

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