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    Warlock ACF: Item of Eldritch Might

    Level: 1st

    Replaces: Eldritch Blast

    Effect: Instead of an ordinary Eldritch Blast, you instead rely on a special object attuned to your bizarre powers. Commonly, this is a small wand-like object but other items are also acceptable, such as a real weapon or even something else, like a deck of cards (Which mysteriously never seems to deplete ). This item is known as your Eldritch Item. An Eldritch Item reacts to Detect Magic as if it were a 1st level spell.

    Because of this, you are no longer the "source" of the Eldritch Blast (Which otherwise follows the normal Eldritch Blast rules), the Eldritch Item is. This means that if lost or destroyed, you cannot use your Eldritch Blast ability. You can attune to a new item via a small ritual that takes a couple of hours.

    This has a number of benefits. For starters, provided that the Eldritch Item is within 60ft of you, you can make Eldritch Blasts from your Eldritch Item's location, rather than your own. Such as if your party is captured and your belongings confiscated, you can have your Eldritch Item blast your captor in the face. (Likely catching them entirely off-guard. Eat my Touch Attack you Flat-Footed foe!)

    Secondly, you can "lend" your Eldritch Item to an ally, so that they may make use of it (Provided you are conscious). For example, lending it to the party Rogue so they can get both your Eldritch Blast damage AND their own Sneak Attack damage. "Reclaiming" control of the Blast itself is so instant, to call it a Free Action would be an overstatement. If you have the Hideous Blow Blast Shape, you can empower an Ally's weapon, provided they are within 60ft, until the start of your next turn.

    Lastly, the effort required to manifest the Eldritch Blast is delegated to the Eldritch Item, allowing you to manifest it more easily and more quickly. This allows you (or an ally you have leant your Eldritch Item to) to make Iterative Attacks with your Eldritch Blast as if it were an ordinary weapon (If you use Hideous Blow, you can still make Iterative Attacks). ((Although, this should really have been the default ruling. Seriously, GMs everywhere, make your Warlock happy and allow their Eldritch Blast to make Iterative attacks.))
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