Speaker of Malisons: (ACF, varies)

Level: 1st (Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Dread Necromancer), 3rd (Shaman OA), 4th (Paladin, Hexblade).

Replaces: Turn/Rebuke Undead or Summon Familiar.

Effect: Add Truespeak to your class skill list for the modified class. When casting a spell as a member of the modified class you may attempt to incorporate a creature's truename into the spell. This requires a Truespeak check with the same DC as speaking an utterance targeting that creature, with the DC increasing by +2 for each time you have already used this ability during the day. If you fail the spell has a -2 to its Caster Level and to any save DC it allows, if you succeed the spell is cast at +2 Caster Level and the save DC is increased by 1. If you incorporate a creature's personal truename into a spell the caster level is increased by 2 and the save DC is increased by 2 and the spell cannot be dispelled by dispel magic requiring break enchantment or more powerful magic such as greater dispel magic. You may only use this ability with spells that target only a single creature.