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    Spoiler: Zyph'r
    Name: Zyph'r (code name: Sandstorm Scarab)
    Theme: High Speed mobility recruit that focuses on melee skirmishing and the power of wind
    special weapons: Battering Gale fighting Style, lo beam/hi beam blade comination

    Spoiler: Appearance
    similar to as shown but zyph'r has a light tan over coat, and not a black one.

    Spoiler: Background

    Origin: Saudi Arabia project, partially funded by USA. Saudi King remade Zyph'r from his dying son's body after Maverkicks bombed one of
    the family's chambers.

    Family: Skylander Royal family
    Hobbies: painting, martial arts, meditation. Prefers to keep his mind-clear and refreshed.

    HITPOINTS: 20/27

    Spoiler: Vocation: Force Recon

    Skill bonus: +1 Athletics

    Rank 1 Active Ability: cloaking +2/+1 standing/moving stealth 15 seconds per rank

    Rank 4 Passive Ability:

    Rank 7 Active Ability: cocktail

    Rank 10 Passive Ability:

    -Vigor: 3
    -Intellect: 2
    -Finesse: 4
    -Tech: 2

    4 skill points


    close combat: 1 [roll]3d6+1[roll]
    Reflex: 1 [roll]3d6+1[roll]
    Athletics: 1 [roll]3d6+1[roll]

    Evasion: 1 [roll]4d6+1[roll]
    Perception: 1 [roll]4d6+1[roll]


    20,000 Zeny

    Spoiler: Standard Equipment

    Buster: tier 1 buster.

    Mag boots: you can grip and jump up walls, though you slide down as well. Comes standard

    Flight systems: Replace Emergency Acceleration Systems, they allow you flight. Take up back and leg space, you can fly at your movement speed. While flying, you can get a boost in speed once every three rounds to go three times normal speed.

    Variable Weapon System: Contains weapon systems for the DNA of mavericks you kill. Depending on the quality mav and the weapon strength, can get a lot of shots or only a few. Can be upgraded to VWES 4. VWES does not recharge like main weapons.

    Live feed heads up display
    Communication device: Range 1/2 mile between allies, can reach Intelligence Division
    Scanning device: ID enemies and gear. Basic information at 50 feet, specifics at 10.

    Emergency Repair System: You have an inbuilt repair system that can heal 3 HP twice in a mission without external assistance.

    Spoiler: BODY

    Armor type: Light Armor

    Buster cannon: range 100 ft, 1d4 damage a shot, can fire burst of three shots. [roll]1d4[/roll]
    Lo Beam Sword: melee range, 1d10 damage. [roll]1d10[roll]
    Hi Beam Sword: melee range, 1d10+3 damage. [roll]1d10+3[roll]
    Hi Beam Great Sword: melee range 2d6+6 damage [roll]2d6+6[roll]
    Unarmed Strike 1d6
    Capacitor: You can store electric energy and discharge it. Currently goes into your Eye of the Storm, but in the future can be used to modify other systems (ex: link it to dash for speed boosts). Basically makes you immune to electric damage because it lets you absorb it and store it. Kinetic coils let you gain energy from impacts and movement, at a rate of 1%/1000 feet, 3% per hitpoint when hit, and 3% for every story you fall. Right now, this keys into your ability, Eye of the Storm. Also, charge can be expelled to empower your melee attacks-5% for every additional 1d8.
    Eye of the Storm: same powerful engines are used. 20 charges, range 60 feet, 2d6 damage to initial target, 1d8 to adjacent targets. Knocks them down for a turn (again, temporary crippled effect). reflex vs Marksmanship for enemy to not get sent flying to end of effect area (so if you shot someone point blank, they'd fly 60 feet).

    Gale Wind: 15 shots, melee range, regenerate 1 shot every three rounds. You vent the exhaust of your flight systems, then with some specialized gear (fan vents or the like built in, up to you how you want it to appear) you use it to create a churning ball around you, causing incoming fire to get thrown about. Add +1 to evasion rolls for the next round when using Gale Wind against ranged.

    Raikousen: Wire the capacitor to your EAS. For every 10% charge you put into your system to upgrade it, get x5 boost to speed. Maxes out at x50. Upgrade doesn't cost money due to being a minor rewiring job

    Sandstorm Scarab build: Digger Body gives insectile chasis, improved flight gives form. Special Tearing Gale added. Utility should be added.

    Turbulence: Drain aerial foe's speed. 60 shots, generate at 1 shot every 2 rounds, sustainable. 30 foot circle around you. Unlike most attacks, can just charge up with sustained shot being half of the shots you expend. Slows enemy fly speed by 5 feet per shot, and can upgrade later to drain finesse dice too, and/or work on ground forces too.
    Desert Dust: Wind attacks have jamming nanites that cling to enemy optics and sensors. -1 dice to Perception checks per shot expended.

    Rocket Booster: secondary EAS system set in the wings, making you have another temporary speed boost. Go from x3 to x6 speed dash, but takes twice the cash to upgrade if you want your wings to be comparable.
    Battering Gale Style
    Carving Tornado: make an attack on every enemy in melee range in a rapid spin.
    Thunderous Crash: You dash forward into an enemy, skewering them twice with your blades. Deal blade damage plus 2d6 damage, can also force person into the air, making them lose a round in their next turn. Can be enhanced by capacitor
    Rising Winds: Shooting up to the sky, you impale an enemy along the way, dealing 2d8 and pushing them back 20 feet, causing said enemy to land prone on their way back down. Terrain in the way can cause extra damage.
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