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Planar Mecha (Paladin ACF)

Level 5th.

Replaces: Special mount

Effect: Instead of gaining a special mount at 5th level you gain the ability to once per day summon a mecha from the Celestial/Infernal realms and clad yourself in it. Summoning this mecha requires a full round action and it appears (on you if desired) for up to 2 hours paladin level, but can be dismissed as a free action. If your mecha is damaged, or destroyed, when it is dismissed your Celestial (or Fiendish) engineering team will have it back to full operational function by the time this ability is recharged.

This mecha functions as an Mecha Ace's ace mecha (I'd feel worse about cribbing this except I know the creator IRL and helped advice them on making it in the first place). It has only 1 HD + 1/2 Paladin levels you possess. It becomes Huge at 4 HD (Paladin 6) but becomes Gargantuan at 8 HD (Paladin 14) and never becomes Colossal. It gains Armor bonus based upon its Hit Dice, but you may enchant it as if it were a suit of armor. This mecha is not powered by a bound elemental but instead draws its power from the spiritual force of the plane corresponding to the Paladin's alignment (Mount Celestia if Paladin classic, Baator if Fun Anti-Paladin Paladin of Tyranny, Arborea if Not as Cool Paladin of Freedom, and the Abyss if By the Fivefold Mother Why WHY Paladin of Slaughter). As such it does not gain the usual benefits of an elemental instead gaining +2 Strength if Abyssal, +2 Durability if Baatorian or Mount Celestial, and +2 Dexterity if Arboreal. If it is Baatorian it gains resistance to Fire, otherwise it gains resistance to Electricity. Abyssal and Baatorian mechs gain Fire energy weapons and cannon, Celestial mechs gain Electric, Arboreal mechs gain Sonic.

This Planar Mecha still gains modules as if the Paladin were a Mecha Ace of 2/3rds their paladin level. Treat Celestial mechs as Storm mechs for modules, Abyssal as Magma, Baatorian as Fire, and Arboreal as Air. Your mecha does not intrinsically gain enhancement bonuses to hit like an Mecha Ace grants theirs, but you may have their energy weapon or cannon enchanted as if they were a masterwork weapon (each is enchanted separately).

Your Lay on Hands ability may heal your mecha as if it were a living creature.