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    LP, this is for you, since I have no fellow Jr. Tormlets (or at least to my knowledge)...

    ACF: Proclaimer of the Faith

    Class: Bard

    This ACF with only a Good Alignment

    Lvl 1: Signature Sermon - At lvl 1 a Proclaimer of the Faith can spend a bardic music attempt to give a sermon to people (for a minimum of 5 rounds). This sermon may be used to influence people and their disposition towards you. You get to make a Perform(Oratory) check instead of diplomacy against the targets to improve their dispoition by one category. This effected is opposed by a willsave which gets a +2 bonus for every category beyond neutral towards the antagonistic end. If the person makes the save the disposition remains as is. A person can only be attempted to be influenced by this effect once per 24 hours. A person can only be affected if he can hear and/or see the bard performing.

    This ability replaces the Fascinate bardic music ability

    Divine Spellcasting - The Proclaimer of the Faith casts his spells as a divine caster. He needs a focus in the form of a Holy Symbol and loses his arcane spellcasting. Because a Procalimer of hte Faith's spells very much depends on his charisma and somatic abilities to produce his magic any armour beyond light incurs spell failure like arcane magic. The Proclaimer of hte Faith uses the Divine Bard spelllist and uses his Charisma for his casting.

    Lvl 3: Natural Neighbour - At 3rd level the Proclaimer of the Faith gets to spend a bardic music attempt make a Perform Check to calm the wildlife. The Proclaimer of the Faith makes a perform check to DC=15 to improve an animal's attitude by 1 step and 1 additional step for every 5 exceeding the DC.

    This ability replaces Inspire Competence.

    6th: Unmaking the Unwhole: At lvl 6 the Proclaimer of the Faith may spend an additional bardic music to perform Lay on Hands like the Paladin class feature on a willing audience member during his sermon. This ability may be used only once per day and the number of points used are based on Proclaimer of the Faith's levels x Charisma Modifier. Any Lay on Hands granting class's classlevels stack with Proclaimer of the Faith's levels for this purpose. For the purpose of determining what effects a Proclaimer of the Faith can affect through this ability he is considered a paladin of the same levels used to dtermine the number of points available for this ability.

    This ability replaces suggestion

    12th: Conduit of the Choir - At lvl 12 the Proclaimer of the Faith may spend an additional bardic music attempt per sermon to Channel the positive energies of his church to produce the effects of the Atonement spell on one person affected by his sermon. This adds 1 round to the minimum duration of the sermon. A Proclaimer of the Faith may use this ability once per day.

    This replaces Song of Freedom.

    18th: Rainman Revival - At lvl 18 the Proclaimer of the Faith can use Unmaking the Unwhole and Conduit of the Choir on every affected person by his sermon and even animals simultaneously.

    This replaces Mass Suggestion
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