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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Alternate Class Features/Racial Class Features/Alternat

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    Wizard ACF: Oghma's Chosen

    Deity: Oghma
    Special: Intelligence 16

    1st Level: You have studied your whole life to become the most intelligent being alive. Whenever you put your first skill rank into a Knowledge skill, you gain a +4 to that skill.

    This replaces the Wizard's Summon Familiar class feature.

    5th Level: Your knowledge is unquestionable, as it should be. You gain the benefits of the Irrefutable Truth feat.

    This replaces the Wizard's 5th level bonus feat.

    10th Level: Your understanding of the arcane is the true path to power. Three times per day, when casting a spell, you can make a Knowledge (Arcana) skill check. Divide the total result by 10 and add the dividend to your caster level for the purpose of determining the spell's save and damage.

    This replaces the Wizard's 10th level bonus feat.
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