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Magus Archetype


A spellfist is proficient in all simple weapons and weapons with the monk property. A spellfist is not proficient with any weapons for armor. Thins replaces the magus's weapon and armor proficiencies.

Spell Combat: A spellfist may use unarmed strikes as part of spell combat. (Redundant with unarmed strikes counting as manufactured weapons, but worth mentioning)

Spell Strike: A spell fist's spell strike only functions with unarmed strikes and weapons with the monk property, though is not limited to melee attacks.

The spellfist gains improved unarmed strike as a bonus feat at 1st level. The spellfist may make unarmed strikes with any part of his body and his unarmed strikes count as both natural and manufactured weapons for the purposes of spells.

Arcane Pool: As a swift action, the spellfist may grant himself an competence bonus to AC and an competence bonus on unarmed strike damage equal to his Int modifier for a number of rounds equal to his Int modifier. This replaces the ability to enchant weapons with arcane pool points.

(Spellmonk! I gather that you like monks. I like the magus, thought it would be interesting to mash them together.)