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    Imbue (Loyal) Paladin (Incarnation ACF)

    Level: 10th.

    Replaces: Bestow Divine Power.

    Requires: Good domain, Lawful Good alignment.

    Effect: An Incarnation with this power can bestow upon the faithful the power of justice. Beginning at 10th level an Incarnation can bless any number of holy symbols to them within 30-ft; these holy symbols must clearly show the Incarnationís personal holy sign. In addition they may have clerics which can obtain levels up to one less than the Incarnationís class level (these clerics must obtain these levels normally). Finally by sacrificing access to the Spell-like Abilities granted by one of their domains, an Incarnation can grant a faithful Lawful Good creature (including themselves) a portion of a paladin's holy might. The affected creature gains the ability to Smite Evil and Summon a Mount as a paladin of 1/2 the Incarnation's Incarnation level, as well as gaining Divine Health. If the target is not the Incarnation themselves then that target also gains Divine Grace and an Aura of Courage. Doing this is only a standard action, but an Incarnation may only use this ability 1/day. An Incarnation can revoke such powers as another standard action, but do not regain their Spell-like Abilities for another 24 hours after it is revoked. Should a creature bestowed this power break the paladin's code of conduct these powers are immediately revoked, and the Incarnation may not bestow them upon that creature again until it has atoned.

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    I Create Myself (Varies, Class Template)

    Lost Features:

    Monk: Wholeness of Body, Tongue of the Sun and Moon.

    Wizard: 10th level Bonus Feat, and 20th level Bonus Feat.

    Psion: 10th level Bonus Feat, and 20th level Bonus Feat.

    Werewolf: 9th level Natural Armor increase (reducing 14th level to +3, and 17th to +4), and Mythic Wolf Power.

    Gained Features:

    Messages from a Future Self:

    Gained at: Monk 7, Wizard 10, Psion 10, or Werewolf 9.

    Effect: 1/day you may receive messages from your future self. You may invoke this as part of making a Knowledge check to automatically get a 20 on the roll (before modifiers), or else you may have this function as a Commune spell (CL = class level) except that you may only gain the answer to questions you could reasonably know the answer to within the next week without using this ability.

    Re-write Time:

    Gained at: Monk 17, Wizard 20, Psion 20, or Werewolf 20.

    Effect: 1/day at the start of your turn you may undo the last 1 to 4 rounds. You retain knowledge of the events of these rounds, and this ability remains expended (even if another creature uses this ability to take you further back in time), but otherwise it is as if all events of those rounds never happened. You may choose to retain the effects of one single action made during this time (it does not need to be your action) including all resources expended as part of it (for example you could retain a fighter's full attack, or a wizard's Wail of the Banshee which would still be expended and any damage dealt by the former or creatures killed by the latter would stay dealt/killed), or you may retain a single creature's new position (but only position not other conditions affecting them; so you could maintain that a creature was now 100-ft to the left and prone, but not that it was entangled and petrified).
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