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Order of the Hawk (Knight Archetype)

Levels: 4th, 6th, 9th, and 14th.

Replaces: Armor Mastery (Medium and Heavy), Shield Ally, Improved Shield Ally.


Pressing Shield (Ex): At 4th level a Knight of the Order of the Hawk gains the ability to fight with sword and shield in conjunction. When wearing a shield and wielding a 1 handed melee weapon they may add twice their AC bonus from the Shield Block ability to damage with melee attacks as they strike at and hedge in their foes with their shield. A Knight of the Order of the Hawk loses cannot make a shield bash attack in a round they gain this bonus.

Felling Blow (Ex): At 6th level a Knight of the Order of the Hawk gains Cleave as a bonus feat, and when making a bonus attack granted by Cleave they gain a morale bonus to attack equal to 1/4th the hit dice of the creature they dropped to trigger the feat, and a bonus to damage equal to its hit dice.

Improved Shield Block (Ex): At 9th level a Knight of the Order of the Hawk no longer needs to choose a target with their Shield Block ability instead applying the bonus against all foes.

Greater Pressing Shield (Ex): At 14th level a Knight of the Order of the Hawk's ability to implement their shield offensively improves. When using a non-animate shield other than a buckler, they add their shield's enhancement bonus to AC to their damage bonus from Pressing Shield. If they are wearing a heavy shield they gain an additional +1 damage, if wearing a tower shield this increases to +2, if wearing an extreme shield this increases to +3.