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I here grant my eggynack permission to make one of these majigs, though I suspect that the same factors that made it difficult to PrCify me will come into play here, if not to the same extent.
Ambassador of the Wild (Druid, Archetype)


HD: d6 instead of d8.

Class Skills: Add Gather Information (Cha), Knowledge (any; each taken individually) (Int), Perform (Oratory), and Sense Motive (Wis).

Skill points per Level: 6 + Int.

Animal Companion: Do not gain until 3rd level and treat your druid level as 2 levels lower than normal.

Wild Shape: You do not gain a 2nd use at 6th level, but gain an additional use at 8th instead of Large forms, then miss gaining a use at 10th when you finally gain Large forms. Do not gain Huge forms at 15th or another use of Wild Shape at 18th, gaining Huge wild shape at 18th level. This leaves them down 1 daily use at levels 6, 7, and 10-17, and 2 daily uses from 18 on.

Spell List: Add Charm Person (1st), Sanctuary (1st), Suggestion (3rd), Charm Monster (4th), Mass Suggestion (6th), and Mass Charm Monster (8th) to your spell list.


An Ambassador of the Wild does not gain Resist Nature's Lure.


Ambassador's Tongue (Su): Beginning at 6th level an Ambassador of the Wild may speak with any creature with a language as if under the effects of a Tongues spell, while talking in this way the Ambassador of the Wild may not say any word they know to be untrue.

Convincing Tones (Ex): Beginning at 10th level an Ambassador of the Wild suffers no penalty to rushed Diplomacy checks.

Call the Court (Ex): Beginning at 15th level an Ambassador of the Wild may call in favors with the fey courts. Whenever you cast a Summon Nature's Ally spell to summon multiple creatures of the fey or magical beast type from a list 1 level lower than normal you gain 1 additional creature (either 1d3+1 or 1d4+2).