Playground Domain (Cleric ACF)

Level: 1st.

Loses: 1 domain granted by your deity.

Effect: You gain access to the Playground Domain detailed below.

Playground Domain

Granted Ability: You may cast spells with an alignment descriptor even if it is opposite your alignment and/or that of your god (if any).

1st: (Un)Inspired's Sleepy Clarification
2nd: Dudeon's Die of Sorcery
3rd: Invocation of IZ42
4th: T.G. Oskar's Wall of Minimal Text
5th: Summon the Unwritten
6th: Ezkaji's Masterful Mind Mockeries
7th: By Urpriest's Will
8th: Lord Gareth's Black Speech
9th: WhamBamSam's Summon True Dragon