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    @Spiriah and The_Doctor: the wizards down by the coast advise against static bonuses or penalties in this edition for classes and races. I think we should heed that advice and adjust accordingly.

    Just gonna drop this off for examination...
    Spoiler: Tenebrous
    The Shadow That Was
    5th Level vestige
    Sign: you appear to have another Shadow cast behind you, even if there is no light to form it.

    Languages: Abyssal

    While you are bound to Tenebrous, your newfound affinity for the dark can shy away lit flames and fireflies. sources of light (such as torches) emit bright light and dim light out to half the normal distance when within 50 feet of you. Non-magical sources of illumination are extinguished when they enter within your vicinity, or when you approach them, and can not be lit within your presence. In addition, you can use your action to dispel a single spell of 3rd level of lower that emits an area of light. Once you have done so, this ability turns inactive until you complete a short rest.

    You know the darkness spell and can cast it at will. In addition: While you have an area of magical darkness at your control, you can use a bonus action to activate any of the following effects within the darkness, and raising the level of . These effects last for 1 minute or until the darkness is dispelled, unless specified otherwise:
    • Shadows of the damned crowd the darkness and hinder movement. making every 1 foot of movement inside the darkness cost an additional 1 foot of movement. At 15th level, the area remains unnaturally silent the area also becomes an area of magical silence
    • the shadows begin to latch creatures within the area and trap them. within the darkness must succeed on a strength saving through or be restrained for the duration. Once restrained in this fashion, a creature can make a new save each round to end the effect on itself, is is freed by another creature with a DC 15 strength check.
    • An undead manifests itself in the darkness and patrols it. You can summon an undead creature of challenge rating of 5 or lower. It appears in an unoccupied space within an area of magical darkness within 60 feet. The undead creature disappears when it drops to 0 HP or if it ever ends it's turn in normal or bright light.
      The undead is friendly to you and your companions for the duration. Roll initiative for the undead, which has it's own turns. It obeys any verbal commands that you issue it (no action required by you). If you don't issue any commands to the undead, it either defends itself from hostile creatures and steers clear of bright light but otherwise takes no actions. The undead can see can perceive other creatures and objects without difficulty from in all forms of illumination besides normal or bright light. The undead creature deems all excessive noisiness and violence near it (sans your commands for it) as a threat and becomes hostile to creatures who engage in such action. At 17th level, you summon a second undead of the same kind with a single activation. Any Undead summoned this way disappears 1 minute after it is summoned.

    You can only have one such effect active at a time, and can only be dismissed if you end your concentration on the spell, or if the darkness is dispelled. You can use any above additional effects of Grave Darkness to a total of 3 times, after which you can not enhance darkness in this fashion until you complete a short rest.

    You can see through all forms of darkness (even those created with magic) with perfect clarity, and can sense the presence of any living creatures within 100 feet that are in an area of magical darkness and their quantity, even if otherwise heavily obscured. The latter sensory effect only reveals the presence of living creatures within magical Darkness, and does not reveal to you their exact location if you can not intuit it in conjunction with your normal senses.

    Tenebrous grants you the cold sorrow of the abyss to release by including pain upon your foes. Choose either cold or Necrotic energy, All of your melee weapon attacks deal an additional +1d4 damage of the chosen energy type. You can change the energy type you choose once per round.

    Tenebrous grants you the ability to fade into the shadows at the most opportune moments. You know the Blink Spell. At any point, when a creature makes an attack roll against you, you can use your reaction to cast the Blink Spell without expending a spell slot, and roll your first d20 immediately, as per the spell's effect. You can cast Blink in this fashion once at 9th level, and again at 17th level, before needing a long rest to do so again.
    (E/N: An Awakened Binder bound to Tenebrous should also has these spells available IMO until the pact ends)


    retelling of the legend, notable factors when binding with a vestige.

    If you make a poor pact with Tenebrous, he influences your personality in one of the following ways:
    Influence Description
    Bond The loss of something or someone dear to me, or the fear in me that I will lose something or someone forever, aches profoundly in my heart, .
    Flaw: My business and wellbeing is of no concern for my allies. I can handle it myself.

    Compiled reference List of vestiges currently in the workshop: (I'd recommend copy-pasting this to the original post, as well as any updates to the Binder class)

    Spoiler: Amon
    Amon, The Void Before The Altar.[
    According to The_Doctor.
    According to Prince Zahn

    Spoiler: Dahlver-Nar
    Dahlver-Nar, The Tortured One. courtesy of The_Doctor.

    Spoiler: Naberius(COMP)
    Naberius, The Grinning Hound. courtesy of Prince Zahn, aka Yours Truly.

    Spoiler: Ronove
    Ronove, the Iron Maiden. (Draft) Courtesy of Spiriah.

    Spoiler: Leraje

    Spoiler: Focalor
    Focalor, the Price of Tears:
    As Told by The_Doctor.
    As Told by Spiriah. & Take 2. (Spiriah)

    Spoiler: Paimon(COMP)
    Paimon - The Dancer. The Prince Zahn version.

    Spoiler: Primus

    Spoiler: Eurynome
    Coming Soon!

    Spoiler: Tenebrous(COMP)
    Tenebrous, The Shadow That Was. brought to you by Prince Zahn.

    Spoiler: Acererak(COMP)

    Acererak, The Devourer. courtesy of Scarce.

    Spoiler: Marchosias

    Spoiler: Halphax

    Spoiler: Banjo

    Spoiler: Bigger(COMP)

    Bigger, The Native Son. As told by The_Doctor.

    Spoiler: Emerald Lama
    Emerald Lama, Nightmare FuelThe corrupter.Brought to you by The_Doctor.

    Spoiler: The King In Yellow
    The King In Yellow,
    Lord of Carcosa. By The_Doctor.
    Last King of Carcosa. By Scarce.

    Spoiler: Pun-Pun
    Pun-Pun, Lord of the Powergame. As portrayed by The_Doctor.

    I only wrote what I'm done with, because I can't make such assumptions for others.
    Overall I think this is not a bad pace! I'm quite proud of being part of this and making the 5e binder a real possibility. Though if anyone has unfinished vestiges, get cracking so they would be ready for the day we could playtest our beautiful hereticBinder! :3
    Last edited by Prince Zahn; 2015-07-11 at 04:26 PM. Reason: Acererak and Bigger are now complete.Added Amon (Prince Zahn), Emerald Lama, and The King In Yellow to the list of vestiges adapted to 5e.
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