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    Haha. I see. Link?
    Fine as a note it, like ~90% of the things I've made, is in my extended sig. Apparently the link must come in the form of an ACF, though.

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    Excuse me? Where am I on the sweep?

    No love for egotistical narcisists who always have to be right.

    So I was saying something about a Loyal Paladin?
    Rudisplorker's Tool Belt (Tall Tale ACF)

    Level: 2.

    Replaces: Skin of your Teeth.

    Effect: When you are at less than 1/4th your maximum hp you double any bonuses you receive to skill checks due to items, up to increasing a bonus by +5 (so if you had an item which granted a +10 competence bonus it would grant +15, one which granted +5 would increase to +10, and Mw Thieves Tools would grant a +4 instead of a +2 while this was active). If you would gain Extended Skin of your Teeth the hit points you may have remaining for this ability to activate are increased as if it were Skin of your Teeth.
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