I've finally had an idea worth having for the air one. Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty fitting it into something that fits the CR system at all - it's not really a combat monster. Here's my scratch-notes, anyway:

The Eye
- Basically oracles
- Immobile in combat time (maybe move at a rate of feet/day) but with a wide area of influence - thinking 1000 feet plus 1000 feet per HD. Size category of the actual Eye scales with HD as well, but more slowly. Maybe the really big ones get a combat-time speed - I looked it up, and actual hurricanes can easily manage 15 feet per second, but I want to stay well below those crazy speeds.
- Control airflow within their area: Control windspeed in up to... maybe 3/4 of their area (radius as above). Areas not affected are completely still. In addition, telekinesis-like effect via precise air control with strength varying by distance (very low at max range - it takes a really big one to be able to apply precise force at even STR 10). Was thinking one move-or-standard action with it at max-range-or-nearer, one at max-minus-1000-or-nearer, etcetera, so if you're close to a big one it can be doing a lot at once.
- Aware of events within their area. Again, cannot focus their attention everywhere - there's that still-air area where they aren't looking/acting.
- Invisible, of course, but can be spotted if there's loose dust or similar in their actual location.
- 50% chance of damage from anything - like incorporeal but mundane stuff works. Select spells and weapons (especially the right improvised weapons such as anything large, flat, and stiff) might ignore that.

Sources of inspiration: Tamora Pierce's Provost's Dog books. Also, double-meaning of "The Eye" as in hurricane/oracle.

Anyone see a way to work with this?